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Why Is My Vape Popping?

Posted by Callum Colley on

in a while, you might hear a popping or cracking sound when using your vaporiser. Most vapers experience this when the coils heat the vape juice, and it's more enhanced when taking longer and more intense puffs.

For first-time vapers, this experience can be puzzling and worrying. But there shouldn't be anything to be concerned about. Although the popping sounds are normal, the sound produced in this case might be slightly different from what you're used to, which points to an issue with the vaping device.

There are several reasons for this behaviour, and the fix depends on what could be causing the fault.

Low wattage setting

Taking puff starts with air getting into the tank, followed by vape juice being brought to the coil. The coil heats and vaporises the e-juice.

If the wattage setting is too low, the vape coil will not get hot enough to effectively vaporise the e-liquid, or it might take a longer time. The e-liquid that is not properly vaporised ends up flooding the atomiser, which produces crackling and popping sounds.

If you suspect this could be the problem, raising the wattage could effectively eradicate the problem. You can also adjust the airflow to reduce the amount of vape juice going to the coil.

Using a thin e-liquid

If you’ve recently switched vape liquids, it’s possible the new pick is too light and is causing the popping sounds. Thin liquids flood the atomiser more easily.

Because vape liquids that have a higher PG ratio are thinner, they vaporise at a higher temperature. When the vape liquid hits the hot coils, it vaporises readily, causing the popping sounds.

Going for a thicker, VG-based vape liquid can eradicate the problem. You can also try lowering the wattage settings or taking shorter inhales as opposed to longer ones. Longer inhales take in more vape juice than the vaporiser can handle.

Using certain types of coils

Braided or twisted coils have more crevices and surface area to cover before vaporising. The higher surface area creates more vapour but also increases the popping and cracking sounds.

It is hard to prevent the popping sounds in this case once you have the coil, but you might want to consider this before buying the next coil or vaporiser.

If you make the coils yourself, go for coils with tighter twists to reduces the surface area. This will prevent the liquid from going into the crevices, stopping the popping sounds.

Issues with the chimney

The most common problem with the chimney that could cause popping sounds is the chimney being too narrow. The warm vapour creates condensation in the chimney that turns into water that flows into the device’s airflow and blocks.

Going for a wider chimney will solve the problem. You can also opt for an RDA because they tend to have wider chimneys.

The other common problem with chimneys is delayed cleaning. The build-up inside the chimney can cause serious spit back. In this case, all you have to do is remove the drip tip and use some rolled-up tissue paper to soak up the excess water. Also, try to clean the device regularly to avoid further issues.

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