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Benefits of Vaping

Posted by Callum Colley on

Over the last few years, vaping has slowly and steadily become increasingly popular. It's now full-blown, with different people considering vaping for various reasons. It is quickly surpassing smoking tobacco, and some smokers are even trying to use vaping as a method of overcoming their smoking habits.

Although there is a lot of mystery revolving around vaping and what it truly is, it would help to know some of the benefits of vaping to determine whether you should join the trend or not.

It’s affordable

Initially, vaping seems very expensive. But you should start to see a clear difference in the amount of money you regularly spend, especially if you have used traditional tobacco products in the past.

Unlike cigarettes, vaping is not heavily taxed, and the running costs are leaner. Once you purchase the initial items, it will cost you less than half of what you were spending when smoking to support your new exploit.

Vaping doesn’t smell bad

One of the biggest deterrents of smoking is the smell. You're constantly smelling like an ashtray, and it only gets worse when you smoke constantly. Tobacco has a strong smell that tends to linger and can bother you and other people around you.

Vaping is the complete opposite. When you vape, you inhale vapour. There’s no smoke involved, and the smoke is odourless. In some cases, the vapour might give off a light scent of the E-liquid flavour you're using, but this is in no way the same repulsive smell that you get with cigarettes. On the contrary, it's actually a pleasant smell.

There are various flavours and types of vape liquids to choose from

Vaping never gets boring. There are hundreds of flavours you can try out and different types of vape liquid. This allows every vaper to customise their experience depending on their preference.

In addition to the flavour of vape juice you want, you can also customise your level of nicotine and the viscosity of vape juice. This allows you to tailor your vaping experience in any way you want it.

Some excellent flavours you can try out include fruity flavours like strawberry and tropical, dessert and breakfast flavours. You can also find e-liquids with a menthol flavour, which appeals most to smokers who were previously fans of menthol cigarettes before they were banned in the UK.

Vaping is more socially accepted

Smoking in public is often frowned upon by those that don't smoke because the smoke can affect those in the vicinity. This is not the case with vaping. First, vaping doesn't produce thousands of harmful chemicals and by-products during the combustion of tobacco in cigarettes. Because the smoke doesn't have an odour, it doesn't make the people around you uncomfortable. However, you might notice some curious looks from people who are intrigued by your device.

Vaping doesn’t produce harmful chemicals

Vape liquids are made from food-grade materials that don’t produce the same harmful chemicals that tobacco does in cigarettes. Also, the vaping device doesn't combust the liquid but rather vaporises, which is safer than combustion.


These are just a few of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy when you start vaping. However, there are tonnes of others, including the fun and adventurous aspects of vaping.

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