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RDA Tanks

RDA Tanks

RDA tanks are not the easiest tanks to use in the market. But they are known for producing thick clouds and have carved out sort of a cult-like following among vapers who commonly refer to these tanks as "Drippers."

RDA tanks make the perfect fit for vapers who want maximum flavour and a customised vaping experience. Forget that they don't have juice storage. The experience that these tanks offer is more than enough to get you to overlook this slight flaw.

What is an RDA Tank?

RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. This type of tank is small and allows you to vape small amounts of vape juice at a time. The most amazing benefit of using an RDA tank is that it will enable you to swap vape juice flavours as you vape, letting you immerse yourself in a world of different flavours.

The idea behind RDA tanks is to maximise flavour production and produce maximum vapour clouds for vapers that love fogging their rooms.

Types of Vape RDA Tanks

There are several types of RDA tanks that you can choose from our collection. These include:

Dual coil RDA

These types of RDA tanks run two coils. They run at higher wattages and produce more vapour. These are the most potent RDA tanks, perfect for the most experienced and most demanding RDA vapers.

Single coil RDAs

For vapers still finding their balance in vaping RDA, these types of RDAs are a better fit. They are the most common varieties and one of the best sellers in our collection. Single coil RDAs require lower power to run and work best with battery squonk mods but still deliver a stunning performance.


Drippers are not for squonkers but rather for vapers that want to drip their e-juice. Sadly, this range of RDA has been replaced by squonk-compatible RDAs and is not as common as they were back in the day.


These are rarer drippers nowadays. They are known to deliver a tighter and cigarette-like draw without compromising the benefits and production of vaping an RDA tank.

Components of an RDA Tank

RDA tanks have more or less the same components as other tanks, save for a few adjustments that give these tanks their unique performance.

Drip tip


Some RDAs come with a chuff cap. It is a cap with a removable top that makes it easier to drip without removing the whole cap. You can also replace the cap with one that has a different colour depending on your preference.


You can choose from several post configurations or check out our range of postless RDA vape tanks.

Juice well

RDA tanks come with varying depth and size of the vape liquid well. The well only holds a small amount of e-liquid depending on its depth and size.


In RDAs, the coils play the same role of heating and vaporising the vape liquid. The tank can come with single, double, quadruple, or even more coil configurations.


Cotton is the most preferred wicking material. But we have other wicking materials that you can try out.