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Vape Accessories

Vape Accessories

LiteJoy provides a comprehensive selection of vape accessories for all your vaping hardware. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts or tools to make using, cleaning and maintaining your mod or pod easier, we have everything you need under one roof.

Choose From A Wide Range of Vape Accessories

Enjoy the convenience of getting all your vape accessories from one location and using our fast and reliable shipping process. Our diverse catalogue features vaping accessories from all the leading vape brands as well as some of the best secrets, so you're always assured of getting what you're looking for:


You might not have to replace your tank often. But in case you choose to, we have an exceptional line of vape tanks that you can choose from. Our range caters to beginner, intermediate and experienced vapers. We have RTA and RDA tanks to ensure you can get a tank that suits your vaping style.  

Replacement cartridge

Vape cartridges are a standard among vape pens. Whether your current cartridge has served out its role or you're looking to tweak your vaping experience, we have a vast array of cartridges to serve various functions.


Coils have the shortest life span of the components in your vaping device. You will likely have to change the coils several times, depending on your frequency of vaping. You don't have to wait until it’s time to replace your coils. You can choose from our diverse range when you need coils that deliver a different experience.

Our replacement coil range includes coils of varying wire gauges and made from different materials. If you like to build your own coils, we also have a collection of vape wires that you can look at.

Drip tips

Drip tips are a great way to add a touch of personality to your vaping device. With carefully chosen drip tips, you can also change your vaping style by choosing options that allow for more or less airflow. You can find colourful drip tips that add style to vaporisers and others that are great for customising vaping in our range.

Vape cases

Our range of vaping cases will help you keep all your tools and accessories safely in one place. The bags are carefully designed to not only organise your vaping equipment but also remain portable so you can take them wherever you go.

Vape tools

After purchasing your vape mod, it needs regular maintenance to keep in tip-top condition and the best performance. Our range of vape tools that includes ceramic tweezers and vape scissors has everything you need to repair, clean and maintain your vaporiser. For experienced DIYers, we also have tools for coil making to save you time and enhance your vaping experience, like one of our best sellers, a spring-loaded wire cutter.  

Vape wire

Experienced vapers prefer to build their ing own coils. Most have all the tools necessary, including the experience to make the coils. With our range of vape wires, you can customise your vaping experience however you want. We have vape wires made from different materials and varying levels of resistance, allowing you to bring your own vaping ideas to life.