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Nicotine Shots

Nicotine Shots

Nicotine is a foundational part of vaping. It is even more critical to vapers that are trying to quit cigarette smoking. However, unlike vape liquids, nicotine is a highly controlled substance under the Tobacco Products Directive laws.

Although there are vape juice manufacturers that still make nicotine-based vape juices, it is not common. This is because the process is time-consuming, and there are expensive tests required.

Vape juice manufacturers have come up with a method that allows them to keep production costs minimal while providing nicotine lovers with their daily fix – that method is nic shots.

What is a Nicotine Shot?

A nicotine shot is a 10ml bottle containing concentrated unflavoured nicotine designed for vapers. You cannot vape the nicotine shots alone because they are too concentrated. However, you can add them to larger vape juice bottles creating a blend of your favourite vape juice with just the right amount of nicotine.

Why Do Nicotine Shots Exist?

Nicotine shots were introduced into the market in 2017 when the government introduced the Tobacco Products Directives law.

The law placed regulations and new requirements for the manufacture of e-liquids containing nicotine. Among these requirements include the maximum volume of e-liquids containing nicotine for sale to 10ml, and also, the e-liquids couldn't contain more than 20mg/ml of nicotine in each e-liquid.

To stay compliant with the new TPD laws, manufacturers came up with nicotine shots that are added to e-liquids. This new approach ensured that manufacturers could produce vape liquid in any quantity they wanted while vapers could vape nicotine in in their preferred nicotine concentration levels.

How Do Nicotine Shots Work?

Nicotine shots are an easy and safe way to add nicotine to our vape without breaking the TPD laws. First, you will notice that most e-liquids are designed as shortfills.

If you purchase a 50ml e-liquid shortfill, it usually has enough room left for you to add your nicotine shot. Shortfills save you the trouble of emptying your e-liquid in a larger bottle to mix with the nicotine shot.

Once you choose your preferred nicotine shot from our extensive range at LiteJoy, follow the steps below to mix the nic shot with your e-juice and start vaping:

  • Open the shortfill bottle and remove the nozzle.
  • Open the nicotine shot bottle as well, and also remove the nozzle.
  • With both bottles open, pour desired amount of nic shot into your vape juice bottle and replace the nozzle.
  • Squeeze the bottle gently to remove the excess air, then release it to let in new air.
  • Close the bottle and shake vigorously until you can see bubbles.
  • For the best experience, leave the shortfill bottle to steep in the dark for 3 to 6 days while shaking at least once a day.

How Much Nicotine Should You Add?

It's vital for the best vaping experience to mix the right vape juice and nicotine shot ratio depending on your vaping preference. For reference, we recommend:

  • 0mg/ml if you’ve never smoked or you want to do away with nicotine completely.
  • 3mg/ml for light smokers or if you’re gradually reducing your nicotine intake.
  • 6mg/ml for moderate smokers.
  • 12mg/ml for heavy smokers.