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We stock the largest amount of E liquid short fills from around the world, ultimately giving you the choice of over 2,000 E-liquid vaping flavours. Here at Litejoy, we have access to some of the most exclusive premium e juice lines as well as our own unique blends too.

You've probably seen how vaping has become a huge hit. You've gone out and bought your first vape kit, and now you need an e-liquid. It's also possible that you've stumbled on vaping when looking for an alternative to vaping.

At LiteJoy, we have everything you need to get started with your vaping journey, including an exciting range of e-liquids that will get you hooked in no time.

What Is E-Liquid?

An e-liquid (also called a vape juice or a vape liquid) is a substance created by mixing various ingredients that include vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol as well as other food-grade flavourings. Some E-liquids might also contain nicotine, in which case it is clearly indicated on the packaging.

E-liquids are designed for use with vape kits. You place the liquid in the vape tank, which has a coil and some wicking material inside. Once the coil is heated and the wicking material is saturated with the vape juice, it vaporises, producing thick clouds of vapour that can be inhaled. ‘

Vegetable glycerine

This is a primary ingredient found in all vape juices. It's a plant-derived product and is used as an artificial sweetener and thickener in e-juices. Vape juices that focus on vapour production often have a high concentration of vegetable glycerine.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a chemical that is often used in pre-packaged foods and medicines. It has been used for ages by pharmaceutical companies without any effects. Its role in e-liquids is to carry the nicotine and the flavour inside the liquids. Without PG, the flavours and the nicotine wouldn’t vaporise properly.

PG also helps deliver a smooth throat hit, although not as harsh as the one delivered by nicotine. Vape juice flavours focusing on flavour production will often have high amounts of PG.

Flavourings – As you have probably already seen from our E-liquid catalogue, there's no shortage of e-liquid flavours. The flavours are inspired by fruits, desserts, and classic drinks, just to mention a few. For manufacturers to bring these flavours to life, they use food-grade, safe flavourings that replicate the taste of the real deal.

Nicotine – Not all e-liquids contain nicotine. It’s only a preserve of experienced vapers or vapers who are transitioning from smoking. Nicotine helps to reduce the craving for smoking and creates a satisfying feeling in the vaper after smoking.

Is E-Liquid Safe?

Despite vaping catching on, there's still a lot of mystery and misunderstanding that surrounds it. Most of it is about e-liquids and their safety.

When produced using the right ingredients and in the right environment, e-liquids are entirely safe. The ingredients used are all food-grade, and most manufacturers have put up industry-grade plants that guarantee the best production practises and quality checks.

In such environments, vape liquids are completely safe. At LiteJoy, we also understand that some brands are taking advantage of the influx in demand for e-liquids because of the ballooning popularity of vaping and using that to make substandard vape juices.

These substandard products might pose potential health risks because of the low-quality ingredients uses. To prevent this, we conduct our own quality checks on our vape juices before making them available to customers.