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Every vaper dreams of finding the best vape supplier offering all their vaping needs under one roof and constantly updating their catalogue with the best vape products. For thousands of vapers, LiteJoy is that dream vape supplier.

We have a diverse range of vape products to cater to all levels of vapers and various budgets. Our diverse catalogue is perfect for first-time vapers as well as vapers with years of experience.

Our Vape products range includes:

E-liquids – Choose from a rich flavour profile collection featuring e-liquids from the most popular brewers in the UK and overseas. With our e-liquid collection, there's always something to be excited about.

Nicotine Salts – For nicotine lovers that find nicotine shots a little too harsh for their throats, we have nicotine salts. They deliver the full nicotine punch without the punishing harshness on your throat.

Nic Shots – For old school vapers that love that gritty feeling on your throat when you vape nicotine, our nicotine shots will deliver your daily dose of nicotine with a raspy touch to your throat. Our range of nicotine shots comes in various concentrations to suit new nicotine vapers and the most experienced ones.

Vape Kits – Our vape kits are the best place to start as a vaper. With packages thoughtfully and carefully put together, we ensure you get your vape experience started on the right foot and in the shortest time by delivering everything you need to get started in the shortest time possible.

Vape Tanks – Established vapers can browse through our collection of vape tanks. The tanks come in varying designs to suit bot DL and MTL vapers.

Sub-ohm Tanks – Cloud chasers and experienced vapers looking to customise their vaping experience will love what our sub-ohm tank range has to offer. From the most popular sub-ohm tanks in the market to some of the best-kept secrets in the industry, we have everything you want to deliver bouts of flavour and thick clouds of vapour.

RTA Tanks – Enjoy the convenience and excellent performance of RTA tanks by picking one of our best sellers. RTA tanks are for budding vapers looking to unfold their wings and break free from using vape pens.

RDA Tanks – Discover the ultimate freedom that comes with drippers. Change your e-liquid flavours on a whim while filling your room with vapour using one of the many RDA tanks we have at LiteJoy.

Vape Pods – Vapers transitioning from vape pens but still not ready for vape mods will find our collection of vape pods befitting. You can choose between open and closed vape pods, depending on your preference.

Vape Mods – Elegance, performance and maturity are the words that best describe our vape mod selection. Try out some of the best-known box mods available in our store right now.

Vape Pens – Novice vapers and vapers that love portability and discretion are fully catered for by our diverse range of vape pens.

Vape Accessories – Don’t hold your vaping journey back. Let our vast array of vape accessories help you modify, improve and alter your vaping experience as you see fit. We have everything from tanks, chargers, drip tips and more!

Coil Building Kits – DIY coil builders can get all the tools they need at competitive prices using our coil building kits. These kits are perfect for both seasoned coil builders and those that are just starting.

Vape Wires – Customise your vaping experience with some help from our vape wire collection. Select from a various types of wires that come in different wire gauges and levels of resistance.

E-Cigarette Chargers / E-Cigarette Batteries – Bring your vape device from its brink with our range of chargers and e-cigarette batteries. With our chargers and batteries, you can finally enjoy portability and convenience while vaping.

Vape Clearance – Vapers on a tight budget, and those that love great deals will love our vape clearance selection. Enjoy the most amazing discounts and sales on your favourite brands all in one place!