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E-Cigarette Batteries

E-Cigarette Batteries

LiteJoy offers a wide variety of e-cigarette batteries. If your e-cigarette battery is starting to wear out, we have a wide range of replacement e-cigarette batteries that will help you get back to your vaping routine in no-time.

One of the best ways to tell when you need a new vape battery is if the current one is holding the charge for significantly shorter periods and taking even longer to charge. It’s important to note that using a worn-out battery for a prolonged period could damage the battery and your device.

Types of E-cig Batteries

Our vast range of e-cig batteries includes:

Automatic batteries

Automatic batteries are used on e-cigs that don't have a firing button. These types of vape devices are fitted with a sensor that detects when you draw and activates the vape device.  Automatic e-cig batteries are easy to use. They resemble a regular cigarette and often require a short charging time.

Manual batteries

Our range of manual batteries offers more power. They are perfect for vapers chasing thick vapour clouds and they also produce a better throat hit. Manual batteries offer more control to have a longer cut-off period.

For more experienced vapers, these batteries offer the best experience. They last longer compared to automatic varieties and they are larger, powering more powerful devices for longer periods. Typically, a manual battery will take longer to charge than an automatic battery because it has more capacity.

Variable voltage batteries

There are variable voltage batteries for vape pens and mods. Both devices require bigger batteries that allow vaping for longer periods before you need to recharge the battery. These types of batteries are more advanced and pack plenty of benefits for serious vapers. The primary goal for a variable voltage battery is to allow the vaper to customise their vaping experience however they like.

What to Consider When Buying a New Battery 

When purchasing a new battery for your vape device from LiteJoy, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure you get the right battery and enjoy an amazing experience.

The vape device

Vape devices are not built equal. They come in varying designs, power requirements and battery sizes. It's essential to know the make and model of your device and the battery it uses while making a purchase. If you have any problems, you can look at the current set of batteries to get the information you need.

Battery size

Vape devices have different battery sizes. For instance, most mods in the market have 18650 batteries. Others have 18350 and 18500 batteries. Each of these batteries has a different size. Choosing a battery size that isn't compatible with your device means you will have too much power, and there's also a chance the battery will not fit.

One of the greatest concerns vapers have when buying a new battery for an e-cigarette is counterfeit products. We provide you with quality, genuine replacement batteries guaranteed to perform and restore the kick in your vape device.

All you have to do is choose the right battery from our collection, and you can go back to enjoying vaping in no time.