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RTA Tanks

RTA Tanks

Once you start vaping, you can go in several directions. But whichever decision you make, you would be doing yourself an injustice by not trying out an RTA tank. RTA tanks are not only more affordable and cheaper to run than standard sub-ohm tanks, but they also deliver better flavour and thick clouds.

What is an RTA Tank?

RTA is an acronym that stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. It is a type of rebuildable atomizer with a posted deck with an enclosed sealed metal chamber cap. The chamber cap Is linked to a chimney that channels the vapour to the drip tip.

RTA tanks rely on gravity and pressure to push the e-juice into the tank and down the chamber cap. The wicks are saturated through diffusion then the e-liquid is passed to the coil for vaporisation.

 RTA tanks stand out from RDAs because they have a tank that can hold your e-liquid. Some of the tanks are as big as 6ml but vary in size depending on the make and brand of the RTA.

Components of an RTA Tank

RTA tanks rely on several essential parts to function. These parts include:

Drip tip

This is the topmost part of the tank. It's a hollow mouthpiece used to draw when vaping. Our range of RTA tanks comes with drip tips of all kinds of colours and designs and with varying diameters to suit various types of vapers.


RTA tanks are top-filled, which is more convenient. They have a cap that prevents the vape liquid from spilling and unscrews from the top section of the tank. The cap also helps to hold the glass tube in place. Once you remove the cap, you can access the slots used to fill the tank with vape juice.


In an RTA, the chimney is in two parts. The main chimney is the part of the top section of the tank that screws into the top of the chamber.


The chamber has slots that allow the vape liquid to flow down. It sits on top of the deck, coils, wick and posts.

Benefits of Using an RTA Tank

If you haven’t given RTA tanks a try, here are a few reasons why you might be missing out on an amazing vaping experience.

They are cheaper to run

Compared to sub-ohm tanks, RTA tanks are much cheaper to run considering they don't need coil replacements as often, and when you do, you can build the coils yourself.

Mega clouds and insane flavours

Your first hit on an RTA tank is going to be special. RTAs deliver incredible flavour and vapour that can almost compete with sub-ohm tanks. If you’re looking for that sub-ohm experience without spending too much, RTAs are the best choice for you.

More juice capacity

Vapers will easily confess to how much they dislike filling up the vape tank. It can be messy and frustrating. Because RTAs have large capacity tanks, you don't have to do this as often, and the tank is also more convenient than RDAs.