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Box Mods

Box Mods

Box mods are the Holy Grail of the vaping world. They offer unlimited customisation to the user allowing you to interchange different types of batteries, tanks and atomisers. For vapers seeking customisability, box mods are the best option.

Browse through our diverse range of top-quality box mods from all the leading vape brands with varying features and power ratings for the best performance and vaping experience.

Regulated and Unregulated Box Mods

In most types of mods, there is a subset of regulated or unregulated mods. Box mods are not different. Depending on user preference, either type of box mod is an excellent choice.

Regulated box mods

The majority of our box mods are regulated box mods. They come with adjustable features like various output modes, fixed voltage and power adjustments. Our range also comes in different shapes and sizes with varying levels from basic to complex.

Some of the types of regulated box mods you will find in our collection include:

  • Fixed voltage – These are the most basic varieties we have. They are perfect if you’ve recently started modding. Fixed voltage box modes only feature a single button or can have a draw sensor. In the draw sensor, once it notes a change in pressure, it fires up the device.
  • Variable voltage – Variable voltage devices have microprocessors that allow users to go below or beyond the voltage output of the battery. Using this feature, the vaper can increase or decrease the intensity of the vape as they prefer.
  • Temperature control – Temperature control box mods have adjustable settings based on heat or temperature. Depending on the type of the coil, it's possible to adjust the mod's temperature to a specific setting allowing the vaper to specify the maximum temperature allowed before the temperature protection feature activates.

Components of a Box Mod

Although there are different types of regulated mods that differ in design and performance, they have the same essential components that drive the functioning of the vaping device.

  • The tank – There is a vast array of tanks designed for box mods. Some feature pyrex glass tanks. Others have stainless steel, while others have acrylic tanks. However, the tank's role is the same – to hold e-liquid and house the adjustable airflow.
  • Coils – Every vaping device has a coil. For box mods, the coils can be either pre-built or hand-built. The role of the coil is to produce vapour. In the case of box mods, they range in resistance between 0.1 to 0.5ohms.
  • Controller box – It houses the battery, the microchip, and the various controllers and buttons. It allows you to regulate the wattage, resistance, and ohms. It also features overuse and temperature protection features.
  • Battery – Lastly, there’s the battery that powers the device. In box mods, the battery usually ranges from 40 – 100W.

Unregulated Box Mods

Although unregulated box mods don’t have as many features or controls, they are more technical to operate. They don’t have an electrical circuit to control or adjust power, and there are no safety features.

Unregulated box mods can power any atomizer and any coil. They are not affected by the type of coil, its resistance, or its size.