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Does Vape Juice Expire?

Posted by Callum Colley on

When most vapers start wondering If vape juice expires, it's possibly because they have bought one too many bottles, maybe after being lured in by a crazy discount or a sale. After staring at the bottles for quite some time, you can't help but wonder if you will have to throw away some of the vape juice.

The simple and quick answer is yes. Vape juice expires, and it even has an expiration date attached to the packaging. Luckily, the expiration date for most vape liquids is between 1-2 years which leaves enough time for your to consume as much as possible.

However, some factors can contribute to the degrading of your vape liquid and the flavourings and can ultimately shorten the shelf-life of the vape liquid.

What Happens When Vape Juice Goes Bad?

When your vape juice goes bad, you will notice a few things about the juice and its appearance:

  • Separation – Vape juice is a result of several ingredients that have different viscosity and densities. As the juice ages, the ingredients begin to separate. Although separation is normal when you leave the vape juice sitting for long, you can easily get the contents to mix by shaking the bottle. When the vape juice is past its sell-by date, no amount of shaking will get the crystallised flavours and debris to mix again.
  • Colour changes – The colour of your vape juice will darken as time passes. This is common with nicotine-infused juices. It’s normal because the vape juice undergoes oxidation which changes the form of the vape liquid. If the liquid seems much darker than it was or changes colours and doesn’t appear yellow or brown, it’s best to replace the liquid.
  • Smell and taste – Vape liquids are designed to taste and smell good. It’s evident when you get a fresh bottle. But, the flavour and scent degrade over time. Eventually, the e-juice won’t taste or smell the same.
  • Thickness – If the vape juice has become thicker or runnier than it was initially, it has likely gone bad. Not only is the vape unpleasant, but it could ruin the coils or leak out of the tank.
  • Nicotine content – Nicotine degrades over time and will decrease with time. The taste will also change, and your nicotine cravings won't be satisfied.

Can You Vape Expired Vape Juice?

A hit or two from expired vape juice will not kill you. It’s how most vapers realise their vape juices are expired. But, there are no studies that have been conducted on the safety of expired vape juice. It’s unclear if vaping expired vape juice can be harmful.

Also, from the bad experience that vape who have tried to vape expired vape juice unknowingly have had, it's challenging to find a vaper who would be willing to vape an entire bottle of expired vape juice. The vape liquid will taste strange and won’t satisfy your nicotine cravings. There’s very little reason to continue vaping an expired bottle after realising it after the first two hits.  

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