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Best Vape Cotton

Posted by Callum Colley on

The debate for the best wicking material has been raging since rebuildable atomisers became common in the world of vaping. There are numerous wicking options in the market, but cotton is easily the best.

The debate on the best vape cotton is just as fierce, with vapers pledging allegiance to various brands. Although personal preference plays a critical role, there are some vape cottons that have been considered extremely popular and have received massive applaud from many vapers. Some of the vape cotton options that are highly heralded include:

Cotton Bacon Prime

Cotton Bacon Prime comes from the acclaimed Wick 'n' Vape company, which was among the first companies to refine cotton products designed for the vaping market. This brand of vape cotton is extremely popular in vaping circles. Its claim to fame was largely fuelled by the use of a strain of cotton that produces thicker fibres which increases absorbency.

Compared to other vape cottons, Cotton Bacon Prime absorbs e-liquid more readily and doesn't have a break-in time. It allows you to experience the best vaping experience right from the get-go.

The extra absorbency is particularly helpful to new builders. It gives some leeway giving you the best density and length of wick. Its longevity is also commendable compared to standard organic cotton.

Another reason why this vape cotton has resonated well with vapers is the packaging. It comes in a compact foil pack that makes it easy to carry around for on-the-road vaping.


Rayon has a long-time presence in vaping circles. For the longest time, this vape cotton flew under the radar. A growing number of brands have started adding Rayon into their cotton blends to exploit its additional properties. Rayon is sold in large quantities, which makes it an ideal choice for intense vapers that always want to have wicking materials wherever they go. However, you can also find it in smaller packages.

It has a slightly different texture and is more easily compressed than natural cotton. But it does have some unique properties that include extreme absorbency and heat resistance. It allows you to get the best flavours when vaping while using the vape cotton longer. Because of its high heat resistance, Rayon is more forgiving when approaching a dry hit.


Muji is an organic type of cotton that has been at the forefront of vaping. Some of the reasons it ranks highly among vapers are its affordable price, availability and brand reliability. The vape cotton is sold in larger quantities than other cotton brands. The standard Muji vape cotton bag should last you a year.

The cotton is cut into uniform rectangle pads that make them easy to use and are extremely consistent from one bag to the next. Although this cotton might take a little longer to prepare, it has excellent liquid retention and works even better with the Scottish roll method.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best vape cotton is just as important as selecting the right vaporiser or vape liquid. You need good quality vape cotton for the device to deliver the best and unadulterated flavours and intense clouds of vapour.

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