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Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

Posted by Callum Colley on

More than half of new vapers will likely cough when they vape. It's a common phenomenon. Although most vapers are not concerned about it, some show concern, especially when the cough becomes more chronic or when the coughing continues for a prolonged period.

Why Do You Vape When You Cough?

There are several reasons why you might cough when you vape. One of the most common reasons is sensitivity to Propylene glycol. Around 8% of the population is allergic to PC. It can irritate your throat, causing you to cough. In most cases, vapers with an allergy to PG will not stop coughing when they vape. As they increase their vaping frequency, the coughing might also increase.

Another reason for coughing when you vape is the method or technique you use when vaping. For most smokers, the method of inhaling requires that you hold the vapour in your mouth first before passing it to your lungs. In this case, the possibility of coughing is reduced. For vapers doing direct lung hits, even for experienced vapers, coughing is more likely.

Lack of cilia growth in the throat is another reason that might explain why you’re coughing when you vape. Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes destroys the cilia in your respiratory tract. While you might cough at first, once you stop smoking, the cilia slowly grows back. The by-product of the growth is coughing. Once it grows substantially, the coughing should subside.

Other reasons that can cause you to cough when you vape include taking too much vapor in one hit or choosing a high nicotine level that delivers a stronger than a normal hit.  

Dehydration is another common reason for coughing, particularly among beginners. VG and PG attract water. As a side-effect, this might cause dehydration. This could also lead to a sore or dry throat.

How Can You Prevent Coughing When You Vape?

There are several ways you can prevent coughing when you vape. It helps if you know what is causing you to cough because in some instances, like during cilia growth, it's difficult to stop the coughing. But with time, it subsides.

For vapers who are sensitive to PG, finding a vape juice with a high level of VG is an excellent place to start. It will reduce allergies and coughing.

If you're a direct inhaler, it might help change to an MTL inhale where you hold the vapour in your mouth then into your lungs. This will reduce the irritation of your throat. Reducing the amount of your hits can also help in preventing coughing.  

Toning down your nicotine levels is also critical in preventing coughing. You can also try out our range of nic salt vape liquids which are kinder on the throat and deliver an amazing vaping experience.

When you start vaping, it’s essential to increase your water intake. It helps to avoid dehydration. You can also adjust your inhale and exhale speeds. Adding a drop of menthol e-liquid also helps to soothe the throat and prevent coughing.

Final Thoughts

Coughing is quite common, especially among new vapers. All you have to do is find out what is causing the coughing, and in most cases, you can reduce the coughing or prevent it altogether.

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