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The true cost of smoking cigarettes: what's left in your wallet?

Posted by 2 on

Ego-t Electronic Cigarettes UK When it comes to cigarettes, it's easy to get lost in the debate about their ill effects. We all know they're bad for your health. In the worst case scenario, you may be diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer, not to mention the tarring of the organs and decay to your teeth and the overall impact on your appearance. However, because of the addiction, most ignore the financial burdens that also come with an expensive habit such as smoking cigarettes. Look closely at the financial aspect and you'll discover there are many layers besides the rolling cost of purchasing cigarettes to support the habit. Let us analyse this more closely. When one starts to dig through all the pieces of the equation, most people end up focusing on the cost of the cigarette itself. The cost of cigarettes is a small yet sizable part of another quite, huge expense all together. On average, a pack of 20 cigarette costs around £9 a pop. For the sake of simplicity, let us assume all smokes cost £9 a pack. If you smoke a pack per day then we are looking at roughly £3,285 a year. But no, it doesn't end here, you must factor in all the other costs that you have to allow for to fully realise the true cost of smoking. Smoking leads to bad breath, so you go ahead and buy packs of gum. Trying to hide that you're smoking? You'll need to mask the smell on your clothes and hair with perfumes or sprays. Maybe your teeth have become stained and you need to visit your dentist regularly to get them cleaned. With all that smoking, your house and carpets stink of cigarettes so you have to purchase expensive air fresheners in an attempt to mask the smell. The cigarette smell may make it embarrassing for you to invite guests over, so instead you meet in the local bar or restaurant, again causing an additional expense. Even with the expensive air fresheners, to fully remove the smell of cigarette smoke you may be forced to go to the drastic measures of removing plaster from your walls and replacing it, a job that might become extremely expensive! Add all these miscellaneous expenses together and you're looking at a pretty big bill! How does it make you feel now seeing all these additional costs that you may not have factored in? Compare this to ego-t electronic cigarettes, which cost £5.99 for a 10ml refill after the initial starter kit (one time kit investment £29.99). Each tank of e liquid is equivalent to approximately 20 cigarettes and you get just over 4 tank refills per bottle. Simple math dictates that it saves one over £2,700 over the year just on cigarette expenses alone. But over the larger picture, electronic cigarettes allow you to save so much more money as those indirect costs associated with smoking will be far less than before. Electronic cigarettes produce a lightly scented liquid vapour (that is actually quite pleasant) so they don't cause bad breath or nasty smells that cling to your hair and clothes. There is no tobacco or tar in an electronic cigarette so the staining to teeth and skin is also gone. A saving of over £2,000 is considerable in these tough economic times, especially when you consider that you have everything to gain by switching to e-cigs, and nothing to lose except for bad habits and a lighter pocket. Think of what you can do with £2000! Buy a new TV. In 10 years’ time you could buy a nice compact car. Maybe if you switch for 15 years, you could be able to put down a nice little deposit for a house. Perspective is everything! Think about it, it might not just save you from a whole host of cigarette related illnesses, but also save your hard-earned money! Make the switch today to an electronic cigarette by Litejoy.

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