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Litejoy Blog — Vaping

From Smoke to Steam – The History of Vaping

Posted by 2 on

Some would say we’re experiencing a turning point in history – a point where people are becoming aware of the dangers of smoking and are moving to greener pastures - the world of vaping. A phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, millions have taken up the change in a drive to a healthier, smoke-free future, while growing a rising community of vapers that is expanding year after year. But where did it all begin? What was the turning point that drove this mass social change? The history of vaping stretches back more than 50 years, and will continue...

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Should Electronic Cigarettes be banned in public places?

Posted by 2 on

This week, the World Health Organisation has published a report calling for tighter controls on electronic cigarettes but it seems these views are based on the same old fears and outdated views previously shared by other sources. In the report they state they believe electronic cigarettes could be more toxic than people currently believe, and they recommend that vaping be banned in public places bringing it in line with the current regulations for tobacco cigarettes. This view is disputed by many experts though who believe these views are an overreaction that could cost lives. The WHO report states that although...

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Vaping in Public

Posted by 2 on

During the 1960’s, cigarettes were all the rage. They were everywhere, from Marilyn Monroe and James Dean on the big screen to all the TV shows. America, and the world for that matter, had taken to cigarettes like ducks to water. Cigarettes were a well-accepted norm. One could ‘enjoy’ a cigarette anywhere; bars, hospitals, stadiums, auditoriums you name it, if you had a cigarette, regardless of where you were, you could light up a smoke. Not only was it socially acceptable, it had turned into a fad, sign of status, and class. Much of it's popularity continued for the next...

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