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Vaping in Public

Posted by 2 on

During the 1960’s, cigarettes were all the rage. They were everywhere, from Marilyn Monroe and James Dean on the big screen to all the TV shows. America, and the world for that matter, had taken to cigarettes like ducks to water. Cigarettes were a well-accepted norm. One could ‘enjoy’ a cigarette anywhere; bars, hospitals, stadiums, auditoriums you name it, if you had a cigarette, regardless of where you were, you could light up a smoke. Not only was it socially acceptable, it had turned into a fad, sign of status, and class. Much of it's popularity continued for the next couple of years, but things changed rather dramatically once the first surgeon general’s report on smoking’s ill effects on the body were released. Slowly the tide started to turn, through strong marketing campaigns and aggressive bans on indoor smoking, the general acceptance of smoking turned into a general dislike for those who did. Fast forward to the present and smoking is considered bad, smoking indoors is banned nationwide and cities have ordinances limiting the use of cigarettes. However, not all is lost with the rising force that is the electronic cigarette. The rise of electronic cigarettes is similar to that of regular cigarettes in the 60’s, however they are an infinitely better choice for users. The equation is simple; analyse all that was fashionable and sexy about a cigarette. Cigarettes were a sign of independence, fashion, the carefree attitude of the 60’s, the style, symbolism and the mystique around puffing smoke. E-cigarettes bring all that to the fore and then some! The best part of an e cigarettes is that you can enjoy them anywhere and everywhere, and you will not be subjected to dry disgusted looks from others. Most will not even realise you're puffing on an electronic cigarette. If they do notice something, they will notice that e cigs are aromatic and flavourful, and in fact attract attention for all the right reasons. Vapour cigarettes are quickly rising in popularity, and rightly so. They bring to the table all that was actually appealing about a cigarette, it provides you with an escape from stress and the costs associated with it are not that high. What you inhale and exhale are vapours of vegetable based liquids and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. E-cigs contain liquid nicotine, which quickly flows into the blood stream relaxing you without the tar, and the harmful damaging effects of the smoke associated with tobacco. There are currently no laws outlawing the use of electronic cigarettes in public, so planes, auditoriums, and public gatherings of any sort are all okay with the use of these liquid nicotine based cigarettes. Also, the city wide bans and other stringent laws typically associated with regular cigarettes are not levied on electronic cigarettes at all. Furthermore, these e-cigs come in a variety of flavours and since there is no actual smoke, it doesn't cause the unpleasant tobacco smell that clings to hair, skin and clothes, another strong reason why smoking cigarettes in public is termed ‘disgusting’ and ‘disrespectful’. E-cigarette may also have been maligned, but the fact remains they are a healthier choice compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. With e-cigarettes all the good things and the symbolism associated with regular cigarettes is on the way back, minus all the ill effects… so why not vape in public then?

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