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A Plethora of Flavours – The Top 10 Most Popular E-Liquid Varieties

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There are thousands of them out there – and it seems that there are more and more every day. From sweet birthday cake to tangy lemon, the number of available E-liquid flavours has seen a meteoric rise over the past few years that is unrivalled in the history of vaping. With such a huge variety, it can be overwhelming to navigate all the options available to find the flavours that most appeal to you. To help guide this journey of your taste buds, Litejoy has compiled a list of the top ten most popular E-Liquid flavours – the flavours that hold the hearts of vapers across the globe & stand as the undisputed favourites.   #10 – BubbleGum Our list starts off on a sweet note – with the candy flavours of bubblegum. There are many options available for those who want an e-liquid filled with filled with sweetness, including popsicle, liquorice, cupcake, cheesecake, and more. Bubblegum takes the top spot over these others, likely because of its availability – whereas only a handful of brands make Cheesecake e-liquids, most brands that specialise in the sweet side of vaping offer bubble gum flavours. Bubblegum has also been around longer than many of the alternative sweet flavours – giving it more time to become a favourite.     #9 – Vanilla Moving to a milder tone for 9th spot, vanilla offers a flexibility of taste & smell that holds sweet without being overwhelming. Invoking the natural tastes of homemade baking, vanilla e-liquids hold a special spot in the hearts of many vapers.         #8 – Apple Coming in at #8 is the classic taste of apple. Perhaps the most popular fruit in much of the world, its early extension as an e-liquid flavour was only natural. The wide varieties of sweet, sour, & tangy apples allows for these e-liquids to hit a range of sensations that appeal to diverse tastes.         #7 – Fruit Mix Hitting the fruit popularity in stride, the merging of complementary or contrasting flavours by combining fruit flavours allows a vaper to experience a delicious mix of their favourite fruits. Some varieties are designed to provide the flavours of different fruits for different hits – giving a pleasant flux of rotating tastes that keeps the vaper engrossed and delighted in the experience.         #6 – Cherry Fruit flavours are definitely popular – Cherry takes the next spot on our list. The choice between red & black cherry has a strong appeal or many, and gives further choice refinement for those who want to vape with the taste of their favourite fruit.         #5 – Caramel Circling around back to the sweeter end comes Caramel – hitting a rich sweetness that provides a unique yet familiar flavour. Caramel flavouring can be enjoyed on its own, or with other flavours – such as coffee or apple – giving a fitting contrast that few e-liquids can match.         #4 – Strawberry Back to the fruit! A tart strawberry is always popular, and its early appearance on the vaping scene stands as a testament to that fact. Strawberry flavours can be enjoyed on their own, be combined with other fruit flavours, or be taken to the extreme with strawberry shortcake e-liquids. However you choose to enjoy your strawberry e-liquid, you are guaranteed a taste experience like no other.         #3 – Blueberry Building on the berry trend - blueberry is one of the strongest contenders for most popular vape flavour, and its popularity is continuing to grow. While fruits and berries are common flavours available to vapers, blueberry continues to hold the top spot among fruity flavours despite some fierce competition. To the thousands of vapers who love the taste of blueberry, this is no surprise.         #2 – Mint Much of the top 10 list is appealing to those with a sweet tooth. Number 2 takes a markedly different approach – the strong, refreshing taste of mint.  Whereas sweeter flavours come in countless varieties, the simple, traditional taste of mint continues to hold strong, as many vapers love the powerful throat hit that comes from a well-made mint e-liquid.         #1 - Tobacco The top spot may not be a surprise to some, but its marked difference from the rest of the top 10 list gives a perfect view into the breadth of tastes that one finds when searching for the perfect e-liquid. For much of the community, Vaping begins as a choice to live a healthier lifestyle – to finally quit smoking, and possibly wean off nicotine fixes entirely. To that end, the traditional tobacco-flavoured E-Liquid takes the top spot. The familiarity of Tobacco flavouring makes for a very simple transition from smoking to vaping, making it the first flavour many vapers experience. This easily builds to being the staple flavour of vaping, as vapers become brand loyal & develop a preference for the flavour that started them on their respective vaping journeys. The availability of e-liquid flavours continues to evolve, as new flavours are introduced and old ones discontinued, new vapers join the scene, and vapers discover new favorites & flavours. The list of most popular flavours will continue to change – and its composition will continue to be a reflection of the change of vaping as a whole.

- Jeremy

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