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Forget smoking, make electronic cigarettes your lifestyle choice!

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How to Quit Smoking

Millions of pounds are spent every year to create awareness about the side effects of smoking. Smoking is said to be the number one cause of preventable deaths across the globe. Even with this in mind, it is still a popular habit with many young people taking up smoking to fit in with their friends as it is still seen as a bit of a fashion statement. Although the number of smokers has slightly decreased over the last few years, it is still a multi-billion pound pastime that is popular with many of our favourite celebrities who continue to endorse its coolness just by being pictured with a cigarette. Everyone likes to appear cool and composed, somehow smoking conveys that well. Fashion models, film stars and entertainers - all of those we look up to are often found at parties or in their everyday life with a cigarette in their hand. However, with the associated risk factors, this fashion symbol might come with a few too many side effects in the long run. Do the fashionistas care though? As dangerous as it may appear, people who consider smoking a lifestyle choice are less bothered by the effects on their health because it’s their personal choice, it offers a stress release and it’s a social activity. With growing awareness, increasing bans and new peer pressure, many people are now searching for a smoking alternative that offers all of the same benefits such as an electronic cigarette or e shisha. Harmful Effects of Smoking People who use tobacco products are exposing themselves to the possibility of a whole host of serious health issues including cancer, COPD and tarring of vital organs such as heart, liver and lungs. Additionally, smoking causes Halitosis, which is more commonly referred to as bad breath. Halitosis, in relation to smoking, occurs when the cigarette smoke reacts with the saliva and food particles in your mouth. Add to the mix the tar in cigarette smoke and you’re looking at tooth decay, cavities and all sorts of dental issues. If this seems troubling to you, quitting smoking might seem like a quick and easy solution to remove all of these potential hazards but it is not. According to research, it may take as long as 15 years after quitting before the effects have completely worn off. They say smoking is injurious to health but how about switching to an option which is healthier, cheaper and equally fashionable? Possible Alternatives Forget whether it's a fashion statement or not, how about looking at it as a lifestyle change. Electronic cigarettes are better in every aspect as an alternative to smoking regular tobacco. Why would one choose to indulge in an expensive, nasty smelling cigarette when they can enjoy a wallet friendly, flavourful and aromatically scented e-cigarette? Electronic cigarettes are much healthier as they don’t contain any of the 4000+ toxic and cancer-causing chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette! In fact, they contain just 5 ingredients; Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerol, Water and Flavouring. There is no need to worry about tooth decay with an electronic cigarette as the ingredients in e liquid are used in toothpastes and mouthwashes as they don’t feed the bacteria that causes dental cavities. Electronic cigarettes have a subtle, pleasant smelling aroma so you won’t be repelling people. E-cigarettes are not included in the UK smoking ban so can legally be consumed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, it doesn't matter! So make the switch to an electronic cigarette today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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