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Boost your Ego with the most popular Electronic Cigarettes in the UK

Posted by 2 on

As an electronic cigarette company based in the UK supplying a range of ego-t, e shisha and rechargeable electronic cigarettes, Litejoy have been perfectly placed to see firsthand the direction that this rapidly changing market is taking. When the Litejoy website launched back in 2012, we were blown away by the popularity of disposable e cigarettes and rechargeable electronic cigarettes! It seemed everyone wanted to try them because not only were they similar in size and appearance to a tobacco cigarette, they were a healthier source of nicotine. Many of our customers used them with the cartomisers in varying nicotine levels as a way to reduce their nicotine intake in an attempt to become smoke-free. Unfortunately, their appearance, although initially a selling point, has caused some confusion and users have been asked to stop using them in public places because it was difficult to distinguish between them and tobacco cigarettes. Many businesses have included them in their no smoking bans to stop worried customers from complaining about them, causing much frustration for the vapers using them as a healthier alternative to smoking. The increase in these bans coupled with the increased cost of cigarettes and the search for a more cost effective alternative has created a sudden change in the market with ego t electronic cigarettes being the new must have vaping essential! So why the ego-t? The ego-t electronic cigarette has many great features that make it a better alternative. It doesn't look like a tobacco cigarette. No more confusion! The ego-t looks nothing like a tobacco cigarette so no one will think you're having a crafty cigarette in a public place! We still recommend that you ask the business owner before having a vape though (it's only polite after all). More powerful battery. The ego-t features a 1000mAh battery, nearly 5 times more powerful than most cigarette-a-like e cigarettes! A more powerful battery means a longer battery life and greater vapour production. Cheaper refills. A 10ml bottle of e liquid (ego refill liquid) costs just £5.99 and contains 4.16 refills. Each refill is equivalent to approximately 20 cigarettes so you're getting around 20 cigarettes worth of vaping for £1.43. Compare this to the average packet of 20 cigarettes which costs around £9 or the equivalent in cartomisers at £1.75 and you're making quite a saving. More flavour variety. Litejoy stocks over 20 great flavoured e liquids in 4 nicotine strengths. Better taste. The powerful battery creates more vapour so you get a stronger, cleaner taste, ensuring you get the most from your e liquid. Buy the ego-t today at and experience the most popular electronic cigarette on the market!

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