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The effects of smoking on your body

Posted by 2 on

  Tobacco cigarettes contain around 4,000 chemicals including more than 70 cancer-causing chemicals not found in electronic cigarettes. Many of these chemicals come from the burning tobacco leaf and are inhaled by both the smoker and those around them. The effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes include: Respiratory System Reduced lung function and breathlessness, build-up of poisonous substances, coughing and wheezing. Circulatory System Raised blood pressure and heart rate, tightening of blood vessels in the skin, lower blood oxygen levels and increased risk of stroke, heart attack and heart disease. Immune System More susceptible to infections such as flu and pneumonia. Reproduction Reduced fertility, early menopause and higher risk of stroke or heart attack if over 35 years of age and taking the oral contraceptive pill. Other effects on the body Reduced ability to smell and taste, premature wrinkling of the skin and gum disease. How your body can heal itself When you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, your body immediately starts to heal itself. - After just 1 - 2 days, carbon monoxide levels begin to drop, your lungs start to clear out mucus and your chance of having a heart attack decreases. - By day 5, your sense of smell improves. - By day 8, your skin will begin to improve. As the blood vessels in your skin loosen, you will notice it becoming smoother and having a healthier glow. - By day 12, your sense of taste returns. - By day 14, there will be less cigarette staining on your fingers and nails. - By day 16, your energy levels will be increasing. - By day 25, the lungs will be continuing to repair themselves and your level of fitness should improve. - In just 12 months, your risk of heart disease will have halved. - In 5 years, your risk of having a stroke will have dramatically decreased. Becoming smoke-free can be difficult because of the withdrawal symptoms for the addictive substance in cigarettes, nicotine. People become addicted to nicotine in cigarettes because it increases the levels of chemicals in the brain such as dopamine. When people stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, the levels of these chemicals drop and then symptoms such as mood swings and hunger are experienced. Nicotine alone is not as harmful as smoking as it is the tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances that can cause the harmful effects. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine in varying amounts, allowing you to still receive your nicotine intake without any of the other ingredients found in tobacco cigarettes and helping you to overcome the withdrawals. If you're looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, why not make the switch to electronic cigarettes. Litejoy Electronic Cigarettes

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