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Electronic Cigarettes Australia

Posted by 2 on

As an electronic cigarette supplier shipping to destinations across the world, we're often asked whether we can ship to Australia and if there will be any problems with them getting through customs. We can confirm that we have many regular customers based in Australia, and that the number of customers in Australia is continuing to grow. Although we understand there are laws prohibiting the sale of certain electronic cigarette products in Australia, these are generally electronic cigarettes manufactured to look like tobacco cigarettes or packaged to resemble tobacco products. These laws can make it difficult to purchase electronic cigarettes as the most popular type for new vapers is the cigarette-a-like electronic cigarette, this is why many people are looking to suppliers outside of Australia to source their vaping products. The Australian customs website states the following: "E-cigarettes (and/or their components) are not prohibited imports under Customs law.  However, they may be subject to control under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 if the packaging makes a claim about any form of therapeutic benefit. If E-Cigarettes are detected at the border appearing to make a therapeutic claim, the goods may be referred to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The TGA will advise whether further action is warranted, whether any claims made are classed as therapeutic, and whether seizure is appropriate under their Act. If no therapeutic claim is made, or the TGA determines that no action is warranted, the goods are released, as they are not controlled on importation." Litejoy does not make any claims that our electronic cigarette products are therapeutic goods. Litejoy products are sold as an alternative to smoking and are not sold as smoking cessation devices. Shipping to Australia is weight based; to find out how much it will cost to send your electronic cigarettes, simply add your items to the basket, select the country and you will be given a list of delivery options. For more information about Litejoy products, visit our electronic cigarette starter kits and e shisha ranges. Litejoy Electronic Cigarettes Australia

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