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The dangers of secondhand cigarette smoke

Posted by 2 on

One of the main differences between tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is that tobacco cigarettes produce smoke and electronic cigarettes produce liquid vapour. When you light a tobacco cigarette, secondhand smoke is created, this is a mixture of the smoke from the burning end of the cigarette and exhaled smoke. Second hand smoke is not only unpleasant but it also contains chemicals that can be harmful to those around the smoker. Although around 80% of cigarette smoke is invisible to the naked eye, breathing secondhand cigarette smoke can cause many of the same health problems experienced by smokers and increases the risk of developing lung cancer and heart disease by 25%. Secondhand smoke can linger for long after the cigarette is extinguished so you're still at risk of inhaling it. Secondhand cigarette smoke contains chemicals such as arsenic, benzene and cyanide plus around 4,500 other chemicals and more than 50 known carcinogens. Children that are exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke take more sick days from school as they are more prone to illnesses such as breathing problems, chest infections and allergies. Electronic cigarettes produce a liquid vapour which has no know passive smoking risks. In the tests that have been carried out on electronic cigarettes so far, none of the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes were detected and the ingredients included in the eliquid were detected at trace levels. If you are looking for a smoking alternative that is not only healthier for you but also for those around you, try an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are available in a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths. View our electronic cigarette starter kits range. Litejoy Electronic Cigarettes   Image courtesy of graur codrin/

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