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Survey shows sweet e liquid flavours are loved by adults, more than tobacco!

Posted by 2 on

There has been much concern in the press and by governments across the world that e cigarette companies are offering a massive range of sweet e liquid flavours in an attempt to target children. Last month at a Senate Hearing, Jay Rockefeller, senior United States Senator said  “I am an adult, would I be attracted to Cherry Crush, Chocolate Treat, Peachy Keen, Vanilla Dreams? No, I wouldn't”, but a new survey conducted by E-Cigarette Forum suggests that his assumption that these flavours don't appeal to adults may be incorrect. In the survey of more than 10,000 electronic cigarette users conducted in June/July, it was revealed that only 25% of vapers used tobacco flavours as their main e liquid meaning that 3/4 of the people questioned regularly used a non tobacco flavoured e liquid. The results of the most regularly used e liquid flavours are: - 30.55% Fruit - 22.3% Tobacco - 18.86% Bakery/Dessert - 7.10% Other (including flavourless/DIY) - 6.5% Menthol - 4.91% Savoury/Spice - 3.98% Candy - 2.66% Menthol Tobacco - 2.6% Beverage flavours - 0.55% Whole Tobacco alkaloids The survey included vapers over the age of 18 with the majority of participants between 22-54 years old. The survey also indicated that many people are using electronic cigarettes to either quit smoking or as a smoking alternative. 89% of participants stated they had smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day but since taking up vaping, 88% were no longer smoking cigarettes. 2/3 of non smokers who participated in the survey indicated that non tobacco flavoured e liquids played an important role in helping them quit smoking. It is reported that there are over 7,000 e liquid flavours with almost 250 new flavours being introduced each month. A large majority of the people who start using electronic cigarettes tend to start off using tobacco flavours as these are what they're most used to but then when they become more established vapers they switch to new, non tobacco flavours as they move away from the association with traditional cigarettes. Most of the people surveyed said they used more than one e liquid flavour in a day, making the vaping experience more interesting - one of the many reasons that electronic cigarettes work as a smoking alternative where other smoking alternatives and cessation products fail.  

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