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Electronic Cigarette Refills for Litejoy E-Cigs

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Electronic cigarettes are a more advanced alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Rather than inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco, e-cigarettes use technology to vapourise a nicotine-infused liquid called e-liquid. E-cigarettes allow you to enjoy the act of smoking without the negative and harmful side effects. Depending on your taste and how many cigarettes you currently smoke, you may choose from one of 4 nicotine levels; high (2.4%), medium (1.8%), low (1.2%) and Zero (0%). Most e-cigarette users begin with 1.8% as this is the strength they feel most closely matches the level of nicotine they’re used to receiving from cigarettes. Although e-cigarette refills are available in our three most popular flavours; Classic Original, Light Original and Cool Menthol, you can choose to add some variety to your vape with one of our great tasting refills available in flavours such as Cherry, Apple, Coffee and Vanilla! With each cartomiser containing the approximate equivalent to 40 cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are a cheaper alternative to cigarettes.If you want to increase the amount of flavours available to use with your rechargeable electronic cigarette, our empty cartomisers are suitable for use with our range of eliquids. Empty cartomisers are available in a pack of 5 and each cartomiser can be refilled 3-4 times. Electronic Cigarettes are not included in the UK smoking ban as they do not contain burning tobacco. Electronic cigarettes can legally be used indoors making them perfect for use in pubs, clubs, restaurants, work vehicles and even in the office (you should check with the premises owner that this is ok first though!). The cartomiser combines an atomiser with a high capacity cartridge. The e-cigarette battery activates the atomiser and vapourises the e-liquid to create the nicotine containing vapour that is inhaled by the e-cigarette user. Due to their design, rechargeable electronic cigarettes are often referred to as ‘cigarette-a-likes’, and are favoured by the new vaper as they offer a more realistic smoking experience. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes featuring a cartomiser are also a popular choice for use while you’re out and about as the smaller design makes them ideal for carrying in a pocket or handbag. To view Litejoy’s range of electronic cigarette refills visit

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