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E Shisha range

Litejoys range of disposable E Shishas are now available to buy in our online store and at various locations across the UK. Available in 6 great flavours; Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Apple, Orange and Grape, our fruit flavoured electronic cigarettes contain no nicotine, tobacco, tar or other toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes. E Shishas already have a growing celebrity following and have been described by The Daily Mail as a safer alternative to smoking the traditional Shisha. Litejoy E Shishas feature our signature swirl design in a variety of colours to match the flavour and the LED light in the tip glows purple as you vape. Litejoy E Shishas provide the approximate equivalent of 30 cigarettes. Our distinct E Shisha flavour and aroma is as good as smoking a real shisha but the compact cigarette design allows you to easy take them with you wherever you go. E Shishas are not covered by the UK smoking ban so you can legally use them anywhere. Get your Litejoy E Shishas at

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