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E Cig Starter Kit for New Vapers.

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An E Cig is an electronic device designed to recreate the process of smoking a tobacco cigarette but without the toxic and cancer-causing chemicals. There are two main types of E Cig, the ones that are designed to resemble a tobacco cigarette that are often referred to as a ‘cigarette-a-like’ and the ones featuring a refillable tank such as the Ego-t. If you are looking for your first e-cigarette then you have come to the right place. With so many brands and types of E-Cigarette to choose from, it can sometimes be a little confusing as to which is the best e-cigarette for you. [caption id="attachment_1323" align="alignleft" width="200"]E Cigarette Kit With USB Charger - 40 cigarettes Light Original E Cigarette Kit With USB Charger - 40 cigarettes Light Original[/caption] The most popular choice and the one that Litejoy tends to recommend for new vapers is the ‘cigarette-a-like’ as this provides some psychological comfort due to the similar look and feel that they’re used to. These E Cigs consist of two parts; the battery and the cartomiser. The cartomiser contains an atomiser (heating element) and an e liquid cartridge. The cartomiser is the E Cigarette equivalent to a cigarette butt, and when the user inhales through the cartomiser it pulls the e liquid to the atomiser which is activated by the battery to vapourise the e liquid creating the vapour that is inhaled. Rechargeable E Cig Starter Kits are especially popular with new vapers as they contain everything you need to start vaping and allow you to continue using the e cig by simply recharging the battery and replacing the cartomiser when it is empty. Litejoy E cig starter kits are simple to use and contain a battery, usb charger and at least one cartomiser. Starter kits are available in Litejoys 3 most popular flavours/nicotine strengths; Classic Original 1.8%, Light Original 1.2% and Cool Menthol 1.8%. Although these kits aren’t compatible with e liquid refills, there is a great range of flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from and all cartomisers are compatible with any of the rechargeable e cigarettes in the Litejoy range. All cartomisers in the Litejoy range contain the approximate equivalent to 40 tobacco cigarettes. E Cigs are provided partially charged so you’re able to enjoy them straight from the pack, however it is advised that you charge your battery for around 4 hours before the first use to get the best possible life from it. E Cigarettes are also available in disposable varieties however these tend to be more popular with the occasional vaper or those who want to try a brand to see if the flavour is the right one for them. To view the range of Litejoy E Cig Starter Kits, visit

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