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Age restrictions to be introduced for e cigarettes

Posted by 2 on

Litejoy Electronic Cigarettes At the end of November, there was a big debate on the Planet of the Vapes forum regarding the sale of electronic cigarettes to under 18's. The general opinion in the debate was that these products were unsuitable for children to be using and that an age limit should be introduced to stop them being exposed to electronic cigarettes which are argued by many in the media to be a gateway to smoking tobacco cigarettes. It has now been announced that new laws will be introduced to stop the sale of electronic cigarettes to under 18's, bringing them into line with other nicotine alternatives such as patches and gums. Although electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes, they are still unregulated and contain nicotine so there are concerns over the effect they could be having on minors who choose to use them. Smoking rates are currently at their lowest ever, and with an estimated 1.3 million people in the UK already using electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are rapidly growing in popularity. Electronic cigarettes are sold as a healthier alternative to smoking but are used by many as a method to quit smoking. The government fears however, this could work in reverse with minors by tempting them with a variety of attractive flavours and creating a nicotine dependency that leads to a smoking habit. Pro-vaping and anti-smoking organisations are uniting to show their support from these new laws, stating that they feel they are long overdue. At Litejoy we fully support these new laws and will continue to operate a responsible selling policy, refusing sales of electronic cigarettes to under 18's whether the products contain nicotine or not. Litejoy Electronic Cigarettes UK

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