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Advent Promotion Day 8 - 10% off Rechargeable E Cigarette Kits

Today we'll be offering 10% off all rechargeable electronic cigarette kits as part of our Advent promotion. Litejoy has a great range of electronic cigarette starter kits suitable for all requirements, starting from our basic kit containing a battery and cartomiser to our portable charger case containing our full electronic cigarette kit. Electronic Cigarettes are a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and each cartomiser contains the approximate equivalent to 40 cigarettes. Electronic Cigarette kits are available in our three most popular flavours; Classic Original, Light Original and Cool Menthol but are compatible with all refills in the Litejoy range. For one day only, our e cigarette kit prices are: Basic e cigarette kit (no usb charger) - £7.19 E Cigarette kit (1 cartomiser refill) - £13.49 E Cigarette kit (2 cartomiser refills) -  £16.19 E Cigarette Portable Charger Case - £35.99 Buy rechargeable e cigarette kits here. Litejoy E Cigarette Kits

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