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Advent Promotion Day 21 - Free Cartomisers with £17.99 E Cigarette Kit

Today we will be giving away free cartomisers with every purchase of our £17.99 complete E Cigarette Starter kit as part of our Advent promotion. The E Cigarette Starter kit contains an e cigarette battery, a usb charger and 2 cartomisers each containing the equivalent to 40 cigarettes. Litejoy electronic cigarettes contain no tar, tobacco or other cancerous toxins making them a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. When you purchase the e cigarette kit, you can choose a pack of 5 cartomisers in a flavour and nicotine strength of your choice absolutely free. Simply add the electronic cigarette starter kit to your basket and then when you get to the checkout you can choose your free pack of cartomisers in any flavour or strength, a saving of £14.99! So whether you're making the switch to electronic cigarettes as a New Years Resolution or you're already a vaper, now is the perfect time to purchase your Litejoy e cigarette kit. This starter kit contains everything you need to start vaping, it is also perfect as a 2nd kit so you always have a spare ready to use! Buy the E Cigarette Starter Kit here. Litejoy E Cigarette Starter Kit

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