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5 things you should know about electronic cigarettes

Posted by 2 on

What is an electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette is a device designed to replicate the process of smoking without the dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes generally consist of a battery and cartomiser. The battery activates an atomiser within the electronic cigarette which vapourises a nicotine containing liquid called eliquid, this creates the vapour which is then inhaled by the electronic cigarette user. Aren't electronic cigarettes just plastic devices that look like tobacco cigarettes? Actually no! Although there are electronic cigarettes that are designed to look and feel like tobacco cigarettes, there are many more electronic cigarettes that don't resemble cigarettes at all. Litejoy sells the popular Ego-t electronic cigarette which doesn't resemble a cigarette, it is the size of a chunky pen and features a glass tank that can be refilled with eliquid. Advanced Personal Vapourisers (APV's) are popular with more established vapers who use them for mods, or personalised electronic cigarettes. APV's include features such as variable voltage which gives greater amounts of vapour, more powerful batteries that provide much longer battery life and larger tanks. Where did they come from? The earliest electronic cigarette can be traced back to 1963, when Herbert A. Gilbert patented a smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette which heated a nicotine solution and produced steam. Although there was much interest in the patent, the product was never commercialised. Modern electronic cigarettes are widely credited to a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik. The first electronic cigarettes were introduced into the Chinese market in May 2004 as a smoking cessation and nicotine replacement device and by 2005-2006 they were being exported. Hon Lik's design for the electronic cigarette became the model for the electronic cigarettes we use today. Are electronic cigarettes safe? Although electronic cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive, they do not contain tobacco, tar or any of the other 4,000+ harmful and cancer-causing chemicals commonly found in traditional cigarettes making e-cigarettes a healthier alternative to smoking. Are electronic cigarettes really that popular? Yes! Electronic cigarettes are used by approximately 1.3 million people in the UK and this figure is continuing to grow year on year, in fact some reports suggest the UK has the fastest growing electronic cigarette market. In the US, it is estimated that around 45 million people are using electronic cigarettes with electronic cigarette sales expected to reach $1 billion this year. In countries where electronic cigarettes have been banned, black markets are gaining popularity with electronic cigarette users illegally importing them Wherever smokers are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarette, electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity. For more information about electronic cigarettes visit the Litejoy electronic cigarette range. Litejoy Electronic Cigarettes

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