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Wotofo is a famous brand known for its vast range of vape products ranging from vaping kits all the way to accessories. Established in 2012, the brand is part of creating a culture and awareness in the vaping industry.  The brand's products stand out because of their unique colour selection. Every one of Wotofo's products has a green colour which represents nature, harmony and balance.

Over the years, the demand for Wotofo products has been on the rise owing to the diversity, design and quality of the products. At LiteJoy, we couldn’t ignore the impact Wotofo is having and its success. We thought it was an excellent brand to partner with and one that our loyal vapers would love to try out.

Starter Kits, Box Mods, Pod Kits and Squonk Mods  

Wotofo has something to offer for all levels of vapers. Each of their device lines showcases the brand’s innovativeness, quality and safety. The devices feature advanced vape technology with relevant research to create devices top-performing devices in their respective categories.

Whether you're just getting started as a vaper, an intermediate, or an experienced vaper that wants to take full control of your vaping experience, Wotofo has just the devices for you.

Quality is a guarantee with Wotofo vaporisers. The design and operation of the devices are simple, and they have a classic appearance making the devices relatable to the target users. You can find the full range of Wotofo vaping devices, including starter kits, pod kits, box mods and squonk mods, right here on LiteJoy.

Cartridges, RDAs, RTDAs, RTAs, Cartridges, Sub-ohm Tanks

Regardless of your vaporising device, Wotofo has an excellent range of cartridges and atomisers you can use to customise your vaping experience and get even better performance from your current device.

From the simplest vape cartridges that come with everything pre-built to the most advanced RTDAs, you can find everything you need to enhance your vaping experience.

The atomisers come in different specifications and are designed for various Wotofo devices. Some of the sub-ohm tanks and atomisers can also work with other brands.

As with the Wotofo vaporisers, the cartridges, atomisers, and tanks are carefully designed and embody the cores of the brand, guaranteeing quality and the best performance in the various categories.

Coils, Pre-built Coils, Replacement Coils

Choose from a vast range of coils. Whether you're looking to replace your current coil with a similar option, looking to enhance your vaping experience by trying different types of coils or looking to build your own coils by using quality coil wire, Wotofo’s vast collection has everything you need to steer your vaping experience in whatever direction you prefer.

Building tools

For advanced vapers who prefer to build their coils, Wotofo has a comprehensive selection of building tools for different levels of coil builders. Vapers have the option of selecting individual tools if you already have a kit in place. You can also choose to purchase an entire kit if you're just getting started.

Additional building tools like building mats and trimming tools come in handy in helping you build your coils wherever you are.

Drips tips and glass tubes

Drip tips and glass tubes make perfect accessories to enhance the appearance of your vaporiser. Drips tips are also essential in improving your vaping experience, while glass tubes help to reinforce the tank and offer an extra layer of protection.

Our range of Wotofo drip tips and glass tubes covers deliver on the aesthetic and quality front ensuring you can give your vaporiser that personal touch without compromising your vaping experience.


Accessories are not a must-have for most vapers. While these accessories might not directly impact your vaping experience, they can make vaping, especially on the road, much easier. Wotofo's range of accessories includes hardshell cases and lanyards. You can choose from our collection of accessories depending on your preference.

UK’s Leading Online Vape Shop

Every vaper understands the importance of purchasing quality vape products for the best experience and safety. As one of the leading vape shops in the UK, we pride ourselves on working with reputable vape brands to deliver the best quality vape products in the market.

Our loyal vapers are always assured of the best quality products from all the leading brands in the UK and overseas delivered directly to their doorstep. With us, you have access to thousands of vaping products without leaving the comfort of your seat.