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Vaper Treats

Vaper Treats

Vaper Treats lives up to the hype of its name, creating the best gourmet-flavoured vape juices in the market. The mixologist takes a scientific approach to produce the best vape liquids that leave even the most demanding vapers wanting more.

The American-based brand has painstakingly researched, tested and continually developed its range of flavours to what has now become among the most iconic gourmet vape juice flavours.

Take a step back and remember all your nostalgic, delectable flavours recreated to perfection and locked in a vape juice bottle. With the Vaper Treats brands, it’s almost impossible to have a favourite. You just have to try the entire range.

Vaper Treats Flavour Range

Vaper Treats has been around for quite some time. For a brand that has been around for almost a decade, they don't have as many flavours as you would expect. But that's because the brand takes time to perfect each flavour.

The flavour groups for the vape liquids differ and range from cookies, desserts, sweets, bakery, berries and even staples like vanilla and strawberries. With such a vast range of options, it's easy to see why Vaper Treats strikes the right chords with all vapers.

All the vape liquids come in a high VG concentration. This is excellent for DL vapers and also cloud chasers. High VG concentrations are best known for their thick cloud production and the careful balance that Vaper Treats maintains with its vape liquids. The flavours are not lost either.

The vape juices come in 100ml nicotine-free shortfills. If you prefer to vape nicotine, the bottle leaves enough space for you to add your nic shots.

Choosing a favourite flavour from the Vaper Treats vape juice lineup might be one of the hardest things you do. That's because the brand has done enough to ensure there's something to like in every vape juice you try.

Quality Tested Vape Juice

We don’t take the quality of our vape liquids lightly. That's because we know stumbling on a low-quality vape liquid can damage your vaping experience. We only partner and stock products from reputable brands like Vaper Treats that have the same commitment to quality as us.

We also take the extra step of testing every batch of vape liquids we receive from our suppliers before making it available for sale on our platform. Some of the things we check for during testing include the overall quality of the liquids, purity, the safety and quality of the ingredients and the freshness.

With us, you can try out various flavours and brands without worrying about landing on low-quality vape liquids.

Leading Online Vape Shop in the UK

We have built a reputation as one of the leading online vape shops offering thousands of vape products and hardware to thousands of vapers within the UK.

We have distribution rights from most of the leading vape brands in the UK and overseas, and we get all the newest vaping products first. With us, you have a chance to try out the newest vaping product before everyone else.

Couple with our exceptional in-store experience, diversity and quality assurance, you have everything a vaper needs for an excellent vaping experience.

Why Choose Litejoy?

Whether you’re new to the vaping scene or a seasoned vaper, you need a reputable and reliable vape supplier that will adjust according to your needs. Here are a few reasons why we make a great vape supplier.

  • Timely delivery – While online shopping is convenient, having to wait for your new vaping gear and vape liquids flavours is treacherous. With our timely deliveries and next-day deliveries, you don't have to wait for long to get your new equipment and vape juices delivered to you.
  • Unlimited variety – Every vaper deserves to have access to an unlimited range of quality vape products. With thousands of vape products to choose from, you can experiment and try out different products and flavours to find the ideal vaping performance for you. Our diverse range appeals to all vapers new and experienced.
  • Affordable prices – Vaping is often thought to be costly. But it doesn't have to be. We offer competitive and reasonable prices for all our vape products. We purchase directly from the manufacturers, and we get great prices because we buy in bulk. This allows us to offer lower rates to the buyers as well.
  • Experienced customer support – Although we have built a simple and easy-to-use platform, we understand you might have questions or face challenges with some of your purchases. That is why we have an experienced and responsive customer support team that will provide you with prompt answers and support.