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Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks

When you start vaping, it feels like there is a lot to take in to understand the different devices and components of vaping devices. The most confusing aspect for new vapers has to be vape tanks and rightfully so. Vape tanks are the heart and soul of your vaping device and have a profound effect on the type of vaping experience your vaporiser can deliver.

Even with the right vaping device, you still need the right tank for the vaporiser to perform as expected.

What is a Vape Tank?

The vape tanks are the glass or plastic part that sits above the battery. It plays several roles among them holding your e-liquid and it houses the coils that vaporises the e-liquid.

Vape tanks are cylindrical in shape and feature a metallic top and bottom section. When you look closely, you can see a stem that runs up the centre. This stem is attached to the coil at the bottom and leads to the mouthpiece at the top.

The primary role of the tank is to allow the liquid in the tank section to soak into the wick, which makes contact with the coil.

Although the core function of the tank is always the same, there are different tank design that offer varying benefits.

Types of Vape Tanks

At LiteJoy, we have different variations of vape tanks. Each type of tank offers unique benefits and vaping experience, which is why choosing the right vape tank for your vaping style is a priority.

MTL (Mouth To Lung) Tanks

MTL tanks are the starting point for most people, especially those switching from smoking to vaping. The MTL tank is the most popular in the vaping industry and produces a similar experience to smoking a cigarette. That’s why most people looking to kick smoking often prefer this type of tank.

MTL tanks are best paired with low-powered devices because they have a harsher throat hit that simulates the feeling of smoking when paired with nicotine.

The coils in MTL tanks usually have a resistance of 1.0ohm and above with the best choice of coil for a starter being one with 1.8 ohms. With the right device, an MTL tank can provide you with the right balance between flavour and vapour. However, these tanks are not built for could chasers so they don’t produce the thick clouds of vaper that other tanks are capable of.

DTL (Direct To Lung) Sub-Ohm Tanks

This range of tanks is also known as sub-ohm tanks. They are the most preferred type of tank among experienced vapers because of their diversity. Most people opting for a DTL tank are usually looking for substantial tank capacity, longer coil life and excellent flavour and vapour production.  

What sets the sub-ohm tanks apart is the resistance of the coil inside the tank. Sub-ohm tanks have coils that have a resistance of below 1.0 ohm. These coils require devices that can produce higher wattage that allows the coils to heat up quicker, and to higher temperatures to produce more vapour.

DTL tanks can vaporise more e-liquid which means you get more flavour and thicker vapour clouds when using this type of tanks.