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Vape Pods

Vape Pods

Vape pods are one of the most revolutionary innovations in the vaping industry. Before vape pods, most vapers couldn’t find a device that catered to their vaping needs despite the numerous devices in the market.

Vapers could only choose between vape pens which were simple and basic at best or the complicated mods usually a preserve of the most experienced vapers. Vape pods filled this gap, giving users convenience, quality, and ease of use.

What is a Vape Pod?

A vape pod is a device that uses a pod instead of a tank. The e-liquid is stored in the pod, which also contains the coil and wick in one package.

Pods are known for their compact, discreet design, ideal for users who love vaping on-the-go. Although these are a more recent product than vape pens and mods, there are many varieties to choose from, ranging from different pods, various designs and appearances.

No matter what type of or design of pod you choose, you can always bet they will be compact, portable, and provide a more intense vaping experience than vape pens.

Types of Vape Pods

Pods are designed to have a minimalist design that is easy to use for vapers upgrading from vape pens which is the target market. At LiteJoy, we stock two types of vape Pods:

Open Pods

Open pods are refillable and work the same way as regular tanks. You can use any e-liquid you want with this type of vape, and refilling the e-liquid is simple, using an opening at the top of the pod. You can load the pod using a syringe or a dropper.

Open pods are lauded because they give the user an opportunity to vape their favourite vape liquid and change the flavours when they want. However, when using open vape pods, go for e-juices with high PG content and high nicotine strength. These work best with open vape pods and produce more vapour.

Closed Vape Pods

Closed vape pods come with the e-liquid already pre-filled in the device. Once the pre-filled vape liquid is exhausted, you can’t use the vape pod anymore. You need to replace it.

Vapers who dislike refilling and find it messy and time-consuming will love the convenience that closed vape pods offer. They are also easier to use and require minimal maintenance. Typically, having a pre-filled vape juice means you're limited in vape juice flavour and nicotine strength.

But we have an expansive range of closed vape pods with varying flavours and nicotine strength that makes it easy to find your sweet spot.

You should also know that you can use vape pods with nicotine salts. This is good news for vapers that like high nicotine strength but want to stay away from the harsh throat hit. If you prefer to use high nicotine concentrations or nicotine salts, go for a vape kit with low power output and preferably an MTL vape. These will provide you with a more immersive experience and are smoother on the throat.