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Vanilla E-Liquid

Vanilla E-Liquid

Vanilla is thought to have been around from as early as the 14th Century. It has a complex but iconic flavour profile and is one of the most beloved worldwide. The flavour of vanilla is best described as having light sweet notes and an overall floral taste. It is used to sweeten food and beverages and is also a staple in pastry and desserts such as ice cream.

It would be a crime not to have vanilla flavoured vape liquids, given how famous and in-demand the flavour is.  It is not only an excellent stand-alone flavour. Still, it is also mixed with other ingredients like tobacco resulting in striking and distinctive flavours that are perfect for everything from starter kits to sub-ohm devices.

Like other flavours, vanilla comes in varying PG and VG concentrations, with the best results being from high wattage devices, which bring out the sweet notes and lower devices enhancing the floral notes of vanilla.

Wide Range of Vanilla Vape Juice Flavours

LiteJoy provides you with an excellent range of vanilla flavoured vape juices from different brands. Our broad range includes:


Element is one of the best-known vape liquid brands on the planet. It has an extensive selection of vape liquid flavours that cater to all vaping types and tastebuds. One of their notable varieties is the honey-roasted tobacco flavour rich with flavour with an abundance of soothing nutty notes. The velvety touch of vanilla makes for a smooth and luxurious flavour that delivers an exceptional vaping experience. The flavour has a 50/50 ratio and is ideal for vapers that love layered flavours.

Juice Sauz Salt – Vanilla Lemonade

Juice Sauz Salt is a UK-based vape liquid brand offering a massive collection of flavoured e-liquids and shortfills. The brand specialises in nicotine booster shots and nic salts. For vapers that like to avoid the trouble of having to mix their nicotine shots and vape liquids, Juice Sauz Salt is the ideal blend.

Immerse yourself in their vanilla lemonade flavour with a homemade taste. Adding vanilla to lemonade helps to tone out the sharp and tart notes of lemonade, creating a carefully balanced vape juice that is lightly sweet, smooth, and with just enough vanilla and citrus aroma to make things interesting.

Vaper Treats – Cinna Fun

This American-based vape liquid brand has an illustrious line of delectable flavours ranging from sweets to custard and dessert flavours. Their Cinna Fun flavour is a cinnamon roll topped with vanilla icing making it one of the best vape liquids to wake up to or an excellent treat for yourself on a special occasion.

It’s an excellent vape liquid blend that features numerous flavours including cinnamon, and vanilla. It also has sweet notes and the earthy aroma of cinnamon. All these flavours and aromas come together harmoniously to create a perfect storm in your mouth. While the flavours are complex, they are well layered, and each one is easily notable.

Double Drip Twisted Ice Cream

Double Drip has a range of fun, balanced and flavourful all-day vaping juices that are a must-try. The brand has mastered the art of creating vape juices that are simple yet captivating and riveting. Their take on the Twisted Ice Cream flavour is unique and exciting, all in the same bottle.

The flavour mixes a delightful twist, luscious, frozen strawberry and lemon juice core. There are twists of sweet lime and smooth pineapple ice cream. Vanilla ice cream helps to tone down the sharp notes of the fruits delivering a sweet, smooth, and slightly tart flavour with a sweet citrus aftertaste that will make your taste buds go crazy for this flavour.

Kilo White Series Ice Cream Sandwich

Kilo White makes a vast range of vape liquid flavours. Their Series line, however, focuses on dessert blends. The most popular of them is the sandwich varieties. The Ice Cream Sandwich flavour is a dessert blend that pays homage to the classic dessert and recreates the flavours to a tee. It mashes up chocolate chip cookies and combines them with smooth vanilla ice cream for a classic, authentic and balanced e-liquid.