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Tobacco E-liquid

Tobacco E-liquid

Tobacco vape liquids have been on the rise. The sheer variety of options available will easily surprise most vapers. Tobacco flavours are best paired with other profiles to give the flavour some depth and fun because tobacco isn’t great tasting on its own. At LiteJoy, we have a vast range of tobacco inspired vape liquids that feature sweet and honey notes as well as blends that focus on earthy notes.

You can choose from a variety of high PG and VG blends or varieties that will work for your pods and mods. Whether you’re looking for an icy hit or a smooth aftertaste, our collection has exactly what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Tobacco E-liquid Flavours

LiteJoy’s Classic Original Flavour

What makes the tobacco flavour stand out is its musky aroma and mellow flavour. The classic tobacco flavour from LiteJoy is all about bringing that ultimate tobacco taste and experience. The flavour is packed with that tobacco kick. It comes in various nicotine strengths, all pre-mixed in a 10ml bottle.

Element E-Liquid Tobacco

Element has quite a comprehensive range of tobacco e-liquid products designed to cater to all vapers and tobacco lovers no matter their preferences.

The variety starts off with the Element E-liquid tobacco 100ml shortfill. An accurate recreation of the tobacco flavour that doesn't include nicotine making it ideal for vapers who are looking to quit smoking or looking for an alternative for smoking.

For something with a slight touch of sweetness, you can try out the Honey Roasted Tobacco nic salt, and there is a nicotine-free option as well if you prefer nicotine-free e-liquids. This bold flavour combines the earthy tones and muskiness of tobacco with nutty notes to deliver a profound experience every vaper would love to be a part of.

Other tobacco flavours from Element that you should try out include Hazelnut tobacco, chocolate tobacco, blackcurrant tobacco and absinthe tobacco flavours. Each of these varieties is nicotine-free but comes in a shortfill bottle for easy addition of a nicotine shot.

Juice Sauz Salt

Juice Sauz also has a vast selection of tobacco flavours that will have any nicotine lover jumping for joy. This creative line of flavours features various flavours ranging from fruity options like pineapple breeze, gold rush, and orange. There are also some dessert blends like vanilla that bring a new aroma into the fold in addition to that of tobacco.

Moreish Puff Tobacco

Moreish has an exquisite range of tobacco flavoured vape liquids that come complete with nicotine. The first is the Puff Tobacco nic salt original e-liquid. It is a blend of bold tobacco leaves with a rich smokiness. It’s perfect for vapers who want a vape liquid that focuses on the fullness of tobacco and its aroma. With a touch of nicotine, this flavour brings the tobacco experience full-circle.

You can also try out the Moreish Puff Tobacco Nic Salt Butterscotch flavour. It is a sensational blend that adds a bit of buttery, sticky and sweetness of butterscotch to tobacco, creating a calm and warm sensation in your mouth with just the right amount of sweetness and muskiness for a well-rounded vaping experience.

Basix Series Creamy RY4 Butterscotch

Glas flexes its creativity with its own take on the creamy butterscotch and tobacco flavour. In a 50ml package, the brand has done an excellent job of providing a well layered, creamy and slightly sweet with a decent kick flavour that is easy to fall in love with. The taste of tobacco is most pronounced on the exhale.

Quality, Tested Vape Juice

The demand for vape liquids has brought with it a rise in counterfeit and poor quality vape liquids. Besides being a vape supplier, LiteJoy has also assumed the role of quality custodian for vapers ensuring that you can enjoy vaping with full access to our range of top quality vape liquids.

All our vape liquids are randomly tested before being made available to our customers so you can have the confidence of trying new vape brands out of your comfort zone.