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Spearmint E-Liquid

Spearmint E-Liquid

Spearmint is grown in temperate climates with some of the best varieties found in Africa, the Americas and Europe. The garden mint, as it is also called, gets its name from its spear-shaped leaves. It's a common ingredient in food that adds a cool taste and fragrant smell, and it is often used in tea.

E-liquid companies have leveraged the simple and iconic taste of the spearmint to create a vast range of vape liquids with sweet, cool notes that have now become a staple among vapers. Some flavours mix the spearmint flavours with ripe summer fruits like melons and strawberries, while others pair with sweets. These varieties are ideal for vapers that love layered flavours.

Wide Range of Spearmint Vape Juice Flavours

Flawless Vape is all about making it easy for vapers to find their favourite and new vape liquids in a centralised location. Our range of spearmint flavours is one of the most extensive features flavours from some of the leading vape liquid brands.

Sweet Spot Spearmint Chews

This flavour keeps things nice and simple, focusing on the sharp spearmint flavour and a light sugary coating for that mouth-tingling experience.

No Frills Sugar Rush Spearmint Chew

The No Frills Sugar Rush Spearmint Chew lives up to the description in its name. It’s a fresh-flavoured accurate vape liquid that features fresh mint leaves to create the perfect flavour and aroma. For vapers opting for a simple, aroma-filled spearmint flavour, this will fit right in.

Furious Fish 50:50 spearmint

For vapers with a weakness for nic salts, the Furious Fish 50:50 Spearmint flavour takes care of everything in one 10ml bottle. With various nicotine concentrations to pick from, this brand also offers a nicotine salt flavour that is refreshing and icy and delivers an uplifting aroma.

I Love Salts Spearmint

Another well-crafted, icy, spearmint e-liquid that leaves your tongue tingling and your tastebuds wanting more. Mad Hatter Juices, the brand behind this flavour has done an excellent job of nailing the spearmint flavour while packing in a punchy nicotine concentration at 20mg.

SOLT Spearmint Nic Salts

SOLT has designed this spearmint flavour to be an all-day vape designed to deliver simplicity and easy recognisability. The e-juice captures the full profile of spearmint effortlessly on the inhale and exhale. It’s a 50:50 blend which is ideal for vapers looking for a subtle balance.


IVG has several spearmint-inspired flavours. These are:

  • 50:50 Spearmint Millions – This is a smooth blend that mixes the aromatic flavours of spearmint to the unmistakable chewing gum with some floral notes and a sugary finish. It’s an ideal option for vapers that love layered flavours.
  • Spearmint sweets e-liquid – This flavour combines the cool feel of spearmint with sweet notes and a floral undertone. On the exhale, the vape juice has a sugary finish. It’s another perfect selection for layered flavours lovers.

Ice Mint by LiteJoy

Ice Mint by LiteJoy is a unique double mint flavour whose flavour profile is close to a mix of peppermint and spearmint. It's a refreshing, extremely calming, and cooling flavour that packs low-nicotine strength for starters and vapers who want to focus on flavour without depriving themselves of that nicotine hit.

Shock Spearmint Minty Rainbow

Shock Spearmint is a light, sweet and exciting flavour that combines fresh spearmint leaves with some of your favourite chewy candies. This unique flavour is perfect for vapers looking for a dose of excitement and surprise.

Sweet spot Nic Salt Spearmint Chews

This spearmint chews flavour is keenly crafted to accentuate the sharp spearmint taste but coats it with a soft sugary coating that ensures the spearmint is not overwhelming. The most exciting feature about this vape liquid flavour is how sophisticated it is while remaining simple.