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Pukka Juice

Pukka Juice

Since 2016, Pukka Juice has won awards and gained dedicated fans worldwide using its line of authentic fruit blends that have made the brand one of the best all-day vapes in vaping circles. Among the prestigious awards that Pukka Juice has received include Best UK Fruit Flavour, best Salt Nic runner up and one of the best vape brands in 2018.

Having been in the vaping scene for a couple of years, the brand has had the time to come up and perfect several e-juice flavours that have quickly become a favourite in the vaping circles. The brand has managed to craft popular e-liquid types that have become the perfectly refreshing juices for every style of vaper.

Pukka Juice Flavour Range

Pukka Juice has a vast selection of vape juice flavours that are divided into three primary classes to cater to every vaper’s needs.

The shortfill range

The shortfill range is Pukka Juice’s most diverse flavour profile featuring vape juices with a 70/30 VG/PG composition. The vape juices come in 50ml and 60ml shortfill bottles, leaving enough space to add your nicotine shot.

The shortfill range is perfect for new vapers and vapers that prefer low nicotine concentration. There's also a vast flavour range you can choose from. Pukka has focused on fruity flavours borrowing inspiration from the most popular and beloved fruits like mango, berries and lime, among others. The various fruit profiles have been blended to create delectable flavours that tease your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

The nic salts range

For nic salt lovers, Pukka juice has a different range of vape liquids designed just for you. This range promises stronger and smoother nicotine hits and a full range of Pukka Juice flavours.

The juices come in 10mg and 20mg nicotine content to make it easier for vapers to select what works best for them. The nic salts shots are TPD compliant and only come in 10ml bottles.

Pukka has done a phenomenal job replicating the nicotine-free flavours in their range of nic salts giving both types of vapers equal options.

Like the nicotine-free range, the nic salt flavours are also fruit-inspired, with some coming with a cool flavour at the end to create a breezy end to your draw.

50/50 range 

The 50/50 flavour juice range comes in a strong collection of 20 different flavours. 50/50 vape juices are perfect for smokers who are transitioning or vape regularly and also for vapers who prefer MTL vaping.

The flavour range is created using carefully balanced ingredients that suit all device types while maintaining the rigorous Pukka flavours.

Besides coming in a broad range of flavours, this range of vape juices also comes in various nicotine strengths ranging from 3, 6, or 12mg of nicotine per 10ml TPD compliant bottle.

50/50 vape juices are less viscous and don't clog up the coils as fast, making them an excellent option for MTL vaping that balances flavour and vapour production. Each of the flavour profiles is carefully thought out, delivering an exceptional MTL vaping experience while prolonging the life of your vape device.

Quality Tested Vape Juices

At Litejoy, we do more than ensure vapers have a world of flavours to experiment with. We are a reputable brand that believes in quality vape juices and has invested in ensuring that vapers who shop from our store can shop in confidence and without the worry of vaping poor quality and stale vape liquids.

All our batches of vape liquids are randomly tested when they arrive at our warehouses to make sure they meet our quality standards. During the tests, we also check for freshness, ensuring that you always get the best and the freshest vape liquids when you buy from Litejoy.

Leading Online Vape Shop in the UK

Litejoy is a trusted online vape shop supplying thousands of vapers daily. We have an expansive catalogue of vape devices covering all levels and types of vapers at all budgets.

We have distribution rights to most of the leading vape brands in the market. Because of our status in the market, we usually get most new vape products first, meaning as our customer, you have the chance to try out new vape devices and products before everyone else.

Why Choose Litejoy?

Our vast experience as vapers means we understand the importance of being a reliable vape supplier, and we have built our entire online business around the ethos of being an excellent vape supplier, which include:

  • We have a diverse range of products – The vape scene and the needs of vapers are constantly changing. To keep up, we have an extensive stock of vape products which is regularly updated with new products as soon as they hit the market, ensuring that we always have everything you need to keep your vaping experience exciting.
  • Quality assurance – Even though we have thousands of vape products in our shop, we only make them available after going through our quality checks to ensure we only deliver the best quality products for our customers.
  • Competitive prices – We buy our products in bulk and from the manufacturers, which reduces the cost. That is why we can offer affordable prices for our products.