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Orange E-Liquid

Orange E-Liquid

Oranges are a highlight of tropical life. Their tough reddish-yellow rind is just the first layer of many that oranges are known for. The others include their strong citrus notes, a fresh, ripe taste and a slight sweetness.

It’s almost impossible to think of tropical vape liquid flavours that don’t include oranges. Even by themselves, oranges make an excellent flavour. They are friendly enough to share the spotlight with other tropical fruits like grapefruits, strawberries, and lemons for a mind-blowing fruit punch flavour.

You can also blend orange flavours with vanilla ice cream, menthol, or other sweet notes. Depending on the vape liquid you select, you can vape orange e-liquids using high wattage devices that bring out the glazed taste of oranges or low wattage devices that focus on the juiciness.

Wide Range of Orange E-Liquid Flavours

Tutti Frutti – LiteJoy

The Tutti Frutti flavour is borrowed from the Italian language and means all the fruits. With every puff you take, there’s something new to discover in this flavour. There are cherries, pineapples, oranges and everything in between. This is a great tropical blend that packs a little bit of everything. It is nicotine-infused and comes in various nicotine concentrations.

Yeti Salt – Orange Mango

Yeti has an expansive range of vape liquid flavours that include sweet and fruity flavours. Some have an ice-cold menthol on exhale to add an extra layer of flavour and excitement.

The Orange Mango flavour in our collection is one of the best orange e-liquid creations in our collections. Both fruits complement each other well, enhancing the overall quality and flavour of the vape liquid. On one side, the mango brings in some much-needed sweetness and smoothness, while orange adds an aroma with citrus notes that create a full-bodied orange e-liquid that strikes all the right chords.

You can also tease your tastebuds with other Yeti Salt flavours like the Orange Lemon flavour. This is a nicotine-free vape liquid that offers a unique tropical experience bringing together two citrus fruits to create a pleasantly surprising vape liquid with a touch of sweetness and plenty of citrus notes and aroma.

There’s also the orange mango flavour without any nicotine for vapers who prefer to skip nicotine. It’s just as tasty with the same pinpoint flavours and notes that will get you excited and wanting more every time you draw.

Ohm Baked Orange Almond Tart

Ohm Baked is a vape liquid brand that draws its inspiration from favourite and timeless British desserts. This range of vape liquids is perfect for fruit lovers and also vapers with a sweet tooth. You can choose from a vast range of options, including nic shots and nic salts.

The orange Almond Tart borrows from the orange drizzle sponge cake, tangy glazed oranges, and the buttery pastries. The flavour is unmistakably that of flaked almonds. The combination of fresh-baked flavours in this vape liquids is just what you and your tastebuds need to get you out of bed in the morning.

Double Drip Orange Mango Chill

Double Drip is one of the best bets when looking for carefully balanced and fun tropical and fruity blends.

If you need any convincing of this brands ability to blend fruits and create memorable flavours, the Orange Mango chill has all the proof you need. It's a very light flavour for vaping, with both fruits offering a sweet flavour and a touch of lemon citrus. The menthol is very noticeable on the exhale, creating a chill experience that delivers a fantastic summer vape.

Ice Mint by LiteJoy

The ice mint flavour by LiteJoy is very similar to the combination of spearmint and peppermint. It has a cooling and refreshing taste that delivers an amazing experience to every vaper. Like most other LiteJoy Varieties, this one is also nicotine-infused and available in different nicotine concentrations.  

Quality, Tested Vape Juices

At LiteJoy, we do more than provide vapers with a broad range of vape liquids and flavours to keep their vaping exciting. We also ensure you get quality e-liquids by testing the quality and freshness of our vape juices before selling them to our customers.