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Mr. Wicks E-liquid

Mr. Wicks E-liquid

Mr. Wicks is one of the mainstream e-liquid manufacturers in the UK and is a by-product of the iconic MOMO E-liquids. Mr. Wicks has made its mark in the vaping world by producing chap, sweet and bold vape juice flavours that are packed with flavour. Some of them have been so good, they’ve gone ahead to win several awards.

In creating its e-liquids, the brand has embraced innovativeness and taken a broad approach in crafting its vape juices drawing inspiration from all over to come up with a fantastic line of vape liquid flavours that cater to all kinds of vapers no matter their flavour preferences.

Mr. Wicks Flavour Range

Mr. Wicks is one of the few vape liquid mixologists that has not focused on producing nicotine-infused or nic salt vape juices for its line. The brand has been kind enough to create shortfills that leave you enough space to add your nicotine shots if you must have nicotine in your vape liquid.

Most of Mr. Wicks vape liquids come in a 70/30 VG/PG composition which strikes an excellent balance between flavour production and vapour production. The juices have just the right viscosity to produce thick clouds of vapour without affecting flavour production. The vape juices come in 50ml bottles that should last you a while before you need to restock.

As for the flavour profile, Mr. Wicks draws inspiration from all over. A substantial amount of the flavours is fruit-inspired, but the brand also has dessert, candy, menthol and bakery-inspired blends that come in various flavour groups and packing different flavour notes.

As you would expect from a reputable brand like MOMO, the quality of the vape liquids and ingredients used to make the vape juices are premium guaranteeing exceptional delivery and a unique vaping experience.

Quality, Tested Vape Juice

There’s no shortage of vape liquids. But, finding quality vape liquids is often a challenge for most vapers. Those that have suffered from the burnt taste that most low-quality vape liquids produce appreciate the need to spend more time finding quality vape liquids.

At Litejoy, we make the process of finding quality vape liquids easy and stress-free. We take it upon ourselves to ensure all vapers have access to the best quality vape liquids from all the leading brands.

We only stock vape liquids from reputable brands known for producing the best quality vape liquids. We also take extra measures like randomly testing every batch of vape liquids before making them available to our buyers to ensure only those that pass our high-quality standards are available for sale.

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