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Moreish Puff

Moreish Puff

Moreish Puff is a UK-based premium e-liquid brand that is manufactured by Cherish Vapor Limited. The Cherish brand was founded in 2018 and started as an e-liquid distributor before becoming one of the leading mixologists in the UK.

With the mission to give the vaping community high quality and delicious vape liquids, the brand has consistently delivered excellent tasting vape liquids. It has become one of the fastest-growing e-liquid brands in the UK and beyond.

What sets Moreish Puff apart from other vape liquids brands is its ability to appeal and deliver an excellent experience to all vapers, new and advanced.

With a plethora of flavours to choose from, including nic salts, you will be spoilt for choice when vaping Moreish vape liquids.

Moreish Puff Flavour Range

It’s impossible to rave enough about the range of vape liquid flavours. It’s an excellent brand to consider if you’re a loyalist and prefer sticking to the things that get you started.

With everything from tropical, fruity flavours to nic salts of varying nicotine strength, Moreish Puff caters to the newest vapers and the most seasoned ones. You can start with the nicotine-free range of liquids and work your way to your preferred nicotine strength.

Most of the brand's flavours are fruit inspires mixing the best tropical fruits and berries that create a splash in your mouth.

The brand angles towards creating natural and simple flavours that blend well to deliver an outstanding balance of flavour that is accurate and immersive. Mango, lemon, berries, apple, guava, and lime are the most common fruits that Moreish seeks inspiration.

Some of the flavours are single flavours, while in others, the brand has taken a creative approach mixing different fruits to come up with unique and captivating flavours.

For vapers with a sweet tooth, Moreish Puff has a handful of options for you as well. There are sweet candy flavours that you can try to appease your sweet tooth.

Besides the great flavour selection, you can also choose from an extensive range of nicotine strengths and nicotine salts for your desired throat hit.

Moreish has also staggered its PG/VG composition with the different flavours to cater to vapers who value flavour and those that value thick clouds of vapour.

Most of Moreish Puff’s vape juices have a 50/50 composition that carefully balances flavour and vapour production. For cloud chasers, there’s a 70/30 VG/PG selection you can try.

Quality Tested Vape Juice

In the vaping circles, diversity and flavours are critical, but quality is the most important factor you need to consider when choosing a vape liquid brand.

Although vaping brands have come a long way to earn the trust of vapers, there are still mixologists who are distributing substandard vape liquids. Some of the ingredients used to make the vape liquids are substandard and can pose health hazards, and have that burnt feeling.

At Litejoy, we take the safety and health of vapers seriously. We want you to enjoy vaping without any worries. That is why we only stock vape liquids from reputable and established brands in the vaping industry.

As an added measure of safety, every batch of vape liquids we receive is tested for quality and freshness. We ensure all the ingredients used in the vape liquids are safe and fresh, delivering the best experience and performance.

With our quality guarantee, you don’t have to worry about vaping substandard or stale vape juice.

Leading Online Vape Shop in the UK

Litejoy is one of the leading online vape shops in the UK. We are trusted by thousands of vapers, so we hold the quality of our vaping products in high regard.

We get amazing prices for our products because we buy directly from the manufacturer and in bulk. Because we get our products at lower prices, we also have competitive and affordable pricing for our products, not to mention numerous sales and discounts that you can take advantage of to save on your vaping budget.

Why Choose Litejoy?

Whether you’re new to the vaping scene or you’re an experienced buyer looking for a reliable vape supplier, there are several reasons why you should consider making us your preferred vape supplier.

  • Quality guarantee – We never compromise on the quality of our vape products. All our vape juices and hardware are tested before making them available to customers to ensure complete safety and adherence to safety protocols and the best vaping experience.
  • Comprehensive vape range – Our broad range of vape liquids is perfect for vapers trying to find the right flavour and balance of vape juice and the adventurous ones that like trying out new things. With us, you can rest assured that your vaping experience will never get boring. You will always have something new to try.
  • Competitive Pricing – You can save money with our range of competitively priced vaping products. We have some of the best prices for our vaping products, and we regularly have sales and discounts that can save you even more money.