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Milkshake Liquids

Milkshake Liquids

Milkshake Liquids has among the smoothest vape liquids in the market. It's known for blending sweet and bold flavours that resemble ice cream melting in your mouth. The California-based vape juice brewer is part of the larger Daddy's Vapour brand.

Daddy's Vapor is a highly reputable vape brand known for its vast range of premium e-liquid brands. The Milkshake staple, in particular, is highly regarded because of its unique flavours and quality performance.

All the Milkshake Liquid flavours come with a high VG blend that is perfect for cloud chasers who also want to enjoy some delectable and realistic vape juice flavours. Although the vape liquids don’t contain any nicotine, these are all shortfill bottles that allow you to customise your nicotine intake to your satisfaction.

Milkshake Liquids Flavour Range

For a milkshake-inspired vape juice range, Milkshake Liquids has done an excellent job of coming up with more than the staple milkshake flavours. The brand has a tasty range of tantalising vape liquids that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. These flavours include:

  • Lemoney

Lemoney is a tart and sweet flavour inspired by fresh lemons. The flavour has the basic condensed milk and ice-cream taste you would expect with a milkshake flavour but adds a twist by adding the refreshing taste of freshly squeezed lemons. It’s the best flavour to brave a sunny and hot day.  

  • Shammy Shake

The Shammy shake vape liquid comes in an 80ml shortfill bottle. This shamrock-inspired vape liquid packs all the green food goodness, including tones of mint, to give the e-liquid a slight hint of an aroma towards the end. For vapers that love advanced and complex flavours, this is an excellent choice featuring a bit of everything. It’s sweet with a touch of natural herbs.

  • Panda shake

This 50ml vape liquid is perfect for vanilla purists. The Panda flavour packs all the vanilla goodness and then some. It has a touch of chocolate and cookie flavours. Vaping this flavour is aptly described as heavenly vapers that have given it a try.  

  • Bananza shake

Banana milkshakes are not anything new. But, Milkshake Liquids have put their own twist to their bananza shake, including ice cream, milk and bananas blended together. There result is a smooth, flavour-filled vape liquid that rolls off your tongue with sweet, natural tones that are not overwhelming. Milkshake has definitely mastered this flavour to perfection.  

These are just some of the most notable Milkshake liquid flavours on the market. We have many more flavours you can try out depending on what you’re in the mood for and your vaping preferences.

Quality Tested Liquids

At Litejoy, we understand that the best flavours don't mean much if the vape liquid is not of the highest quality and offers an outstanding vaping experience.

We guarantee the quality of the vape liquids you purchase from us after taking them through rigorous tests to verify the ingredients used and their freshness. We only buy vape liquids from reputable brands with high-quality standards.

As an additional safety measure, we randomly test every batch of liquids we receive from our suppliers before making the vape liquids available for sale on our platform. With us, you can take an adventurous approach to your vaping experience without worrying about the quality of the vape juice.

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Having the right vape supplier can make or break your vaping experience. You can make the right choice by joining the thousands of vapers who trust Litejoy to deliver the best vape suppliers across the UK.

Through years of dedication and consistency, we have grown rapidly to become one of the leading online vape shops in the UK. We offer an extensive range of vape devices, liquids and accessories from all the leading and your favourite brands.

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Whether you're a new vaper looking for a reputable vape supplier, or a seasoned vaper looking to make a switch, there are multiple reasons you should consider making your next purchase from Litejoy:

  • Diversity – We have an extensive range of vape products ranging from starter kits, pods, mods, accessories and vape liquids. We can guarantee the best start to your vaping journey and maintain high expectations throughout.
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  • Amazing shopping experience – Our website is easy to use. We have state-of-the-art search and filter features that allow you to get the products you want in the shortest time possible. Our amazing customer support team is also at hand to provide you with any assistance you need.