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Grape E-liquid

Grape E-liquid

For over 5,000 years, grapes have graced the face of the earth. They come in white, green, red and purple varieties, producing excellent tasting juice with sweet flavours bordering tart.

Like most tropical fruits, mixologists have looked to grapes to provide top-quality flavours. Some of the flavours feature grapes as the stand-alone ingredient, while in others, grapes have been paired with other berries, fruits and even grape soda to create unique, crafty flavours for all types of vapers.

Depending on your preferred vaping style and vaping device, there are plenty of grape e-liquid varieties you can choose from at LiteJoy. Our vast range features everything from flavours with a sweet taste to those with layered flavours featuring some sugary candy.

Wide Range of Grape E-Liquid Flavours

There’s no shortage of variety when choosing a grape e-liquid e-juice. While these are not as diverse as orange or mango flavours, we still have a commendable selection that will cater to all types of vapers and ensure you have a fantastic vaping experience all day long.

Yeti Ice Cold Grape

Immerse yourself in this delectable Yeti Ice Cold Grape vape liquid. It’s an excellent option for vapers that want to keep their vape liquid flavours simple and impactful. Yeti has done an excellent job of recreating a natural grape flavour that you're going to love featuring all the essential notes that grapes are known for.

For die-hard Yeti fans that want something slightly different and a little more complex, you can try out the Yet Salt Grape. It bypasses the cold exhale but has an amazing flavour profile that will tease your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

Element Far Grape Vape Nic Salt

The expectations for Element vape juice have always been high. The brand has never disappointed and has consistently surpassed the expectations of vapers. Its collection of grape flavoured vape liquids is quite impressive.

It features the Far Grape vape nic salt, a simple and accurate recreation that captures the grapefruit flavours and notes. It has a touch of sweetness and just the right amount of tart that creates an excellent balance for a vape liquid that is excellent for those sunny and hot afternoons. This vape liquid comes in a nic salt and a nicotine-free option.

Pink Grape Fruit

There's also the pink grapefruit from Element vape as well. It is a nicotine-free vape liquid offering a more advanced flavour profile that includes slight notes of ripe and succulent guava that give the vape liquid a smoother feel by toning down the sharp tart notes of grapes.

Pink lemonade & Pink Grapefruit

For vapers that like to have that sour kick in their vape, this could be an ideal selection for you. The mix of grape and lemons gives this vape liquid flavour a touch of sourness, and a slight throat hit. It is also nicotine-free, appealing to various types of vapers.

Double Drip Sun Drip 

The Sun Drip flavour from Double Drip mashes a unique selection of fruits, including grapes, tangerines, and apricots, creating a smooth, vibrant and memorable experience that will get you coming back for more. It's a delicately balanced vape liquid that has plenty to offer, particularly for vapers that appreciate layered flavours.

Zeus Juice Pegasus

There are a lot of exciting things about Zeus. It is not just an amazing vape liquid brand but also one that likes to steep its products in a bit of myth to keep things exciting and mystical. Their Pegasus flavour lives up to every expectation of Zeus Juice.

The flavour is a combination of dark grapes, strawberries, and pure white sherbet. The unique selection of ingredients will leave you soaring in the clouds and your tastebuds in bliss.

Norseman and Sons Dark Fruit Mix

The Norseman and Sons flavour is a happy mixture of grapes and several other dark fruits, creating a vape liquid with a strong dark aroma and a complex dark fruit treacle flavour that gets your mouth tingling with every vape.