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Coil Building Kit

Coil Building Kit

Building your own vape coils is a massive step to becoming a master vaper. It means you’re ready to venture into the glamorous world of dripping, rebuildable and unregulated devices. You can fully customise your vaping experience by choosing the type of coil wire, size and resistance.

Before you can start making vape coils, you need a coil building kit that will make your new-found passion a reality, and at LiteJoy, we have just the coil building kits you need to get started.

Components of a Coil Building Kit

Before purchasing a coil kit, it's important to know what it offers. Our range of coil building kits offers varying options to suit different coil builders. We have options for first-time builders that provide the complete range of tools and products you need to make your first coil, and we also have other options for experienced builders consisting of the essential tools.

For vapers looking to wrap a vape coil, our coil building kits include:

  • Vape wire – There are various types of vape wires. You can check if our collection of kits has the vape wire you want. If not, you can purchase a coil building kit that doesn't have the vape wire, then choose your preferred type of vape wire from our extensive range of vape wire options.
  • Flush cutters – This is a wire cutter that cuts close in small spaces. It will come in handy once you wrap the coil and want to cut off the excess wire.
  • Fine tip tweezers – After wrapping the coil, you can use the fine tip tweezers to stuff the wicking material inside the coil.
  • Coiling tool – This is a fundamental tool. It features in most of our coil building kits because, without it, you can't coil or wrap the vape wire into a coil.
  • Wicking material – Because wicking materials vary depending on the preference of the vaper, we try to offer some building kits that don’t have the wicking material. But if you prefer organic cotton as your wicking material, we have kits that include it.
  • Scissors – There are many ways you can use a pair of scissors, but in this case, they are primarily used to trim the cotton.

Benefits of Building Your Coils

DIY Coils are affordable

Coils are the least durable part of your vaping device. Some devices require you to replace the coils several times a month, and this could be expensive. By building your coils, you can save a fortune and still get to enjoy a premium vaping experience.

Freedom of choice

When you choose to build your vape coils, you free yourself of choosing from different types of pre-made vape coils. You have the power to choose the vape wire material you want to use for your vape wire, the thickness of the wire and even the resistance. With such power, you can truly customise your vaping experience.

It’s therapeutic

If you love tinkering around with things, you will find coil building as a great escape that helps you unwind and get away from other stress factors. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement, when you build the coils from scratch.