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Coffee E-Liquid

Coffee E-Liquid

The sharp and rich notes of coffee have been around for centuries. Carefully cultivated in the perfect conditions, the taste and aroma of coffee are unmistakable as it is unforgettable. It's one of the most consumed beverages, and now you can vape it as well.

Mixologists have explored the flavour profile of coffee and come up with an impressive range of blends that you will find irresistible. The flavours vary from the classic latte, cappuccino, and macchiato to more creative varieties that feature sweet and sour notes with complete blends that include dessert and biscuit flavours.

Wide Range of Coffee Vape Juice Flavours

Whether you're in the mood for a strong kick of caffeine to get you going in the morning or a full breakfast right inside your vaporiser, we have just the coffee flavour that will do the trick for you. We have coffee flavoured vape juices from all the leading mixologists in the market. Some of the most notable are:


Mokasmo is an exciting brand that is deeply rooted in making quality and realistic vape liquid flavours. Some of its best works have been in recreating the best coffee flavours in the market:

  • Hazelnut latte – This nicotine-free blend is the best way to get yourself out of bed in the morning. The aroma of coffee and the smoothness of the hazelnuts that fills your mouth is the perfect way to wake up your tastebuds in a world of total bliss.
  • Sakura cream latte – Enjoy you’re the creaminess of a full cream latte recreated to perfection with memorable notes on the inhale and providing you with an amazing experience on the exhale. The careful balance of this blend will easily make it all day vape option for you.
  • Coconut latte – The coconut latte was a big gamble that paid off. It’s a delectable flavour that brings the best of the tropics and fuses it with coffee creating a riveting vaping experience that will keep you wanting more.

No Frills

The No Frills brand is not a stranger to the vaping circles. The brand has been around for quite some time and has created some fantastic flavours. Among them are these stunning coffee-inspired flavours that you must try to believe:

  • Butterscotch – It’s not the first time butterscotch has been associated with coffee. But it’s likely the first time that these two have tasted this great together.
  • Maple syrup – The maple syrup blend turns your breakfast plate upside down with this unorthodox blend that tastes amazing. The addition of maple syrup adds a hint of sweetness and calms the sharp notes of coffee, creating a smooth and lightly sweet blend.


Although coffee flavours are trendy, most brands have left out nicotine lovers. Moreish has stepped up to the podium to ensure nicotine lovers can get their dose of nicotine and get to enjoy amazing coffee flavours.

  • Flat white – The puff brewed flat white flavour is an enticingly rich and full flavoured coffee paired with a velvety smooth texture. The addition of milk makes this feel like drinking espresso, only smoother and yummier.
  • Mocha frappe latte – Mocha frappe latte brings together the most harmonious coffee ingredients. The blend has a delicious milk latte with ice and a chocolate drizzle. This enticing vape liquid comes in various nicotine strengths.

Tasty Coffee

Tasty coffee is an entire brand dedicated to making the best quality coffee-inspired vape liquids. If there is a brand that can replicate every coffee blend out there, it is Tasty Coffee. They have turned themselves into barristers to bring vapers their favourite coffee blend e-liquids.

The range of flavours Tasty Coffee offers includes cappuccino, mocha, hazelnut supreme and caramel macchiato. The brand has plenty of other flavours you can try out that are just as amazing, especially if you love sticking to flavour you are familiar with.

All the flavours are nicotine-free and come in 100ml shortfill bottles meaning you have enough space to add your nicotine shot for vapers that prefer.