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Coconut E-liquid

Coconut E-liquid

This tropical wonder which most believe to be a nut is actually a fruit. It has been and remains a staple in the kitchen used in cooking and baking. Mixologists have come up with new ways to enjoy coconut fruit.

Coconut flavoured vape juices are designed after the coconut milk. They are smooth and sweet on the inhale with sharp notes. The coconut flavour is quite versatile and is easily paired with other flavours ensuring you have a rich selection of flavours to choose from. These include tropical fruit blends, desserts and pastries.

Wide Range of Coconut Flavoured E-Liquids

The Mixologist Desserts

The Mixologist Desserts' strawberry jam coconut flavour is one of the most flavour rich coconuts you will find. The combination of strawberry coconut and jam creates layers of flavours that will get your tastebuds excited and leave them wanting more. Every draw and exhale of this flavour is a rollercoaster ride that you will not want to alight from.

Nitro’s Cold Brew – Mango Coconut

Immerse yourself in the tropical goodness that is this mango coconut flavour. Featuring two of the most iconic fruits of the tropics, you can only expect the best from this blend. And that is precisely what it delivers.

Zebra Scientist – Watermelon Coconut

The only way to fully describe the experience and flavour notes of this e-liquid is by trying it yourself. Although watermelon flavours are immensely popular and loved, a combination with coconut takes the flavour to a higher level. Vapers will appreciate the maturity and how well these two flavours come together.

Pacha Mama

Pacha Mama has done an excellent job creating several coconuts inspired flavours. Most of them are tropical and combine various fruits creating delectable and succulent flavours, among them the Papaya coconut cream. In this blend, papaya and coconut elevate and complement each other’s flavour profile. The slight sweetness of papaya complements the smoothness of coconut milk with a careful balance of sugar and succulence. This is one of the best all-day-vape liquids.

Momo Salt – Mangonut

The mangonut flavour delivers the full Caribbean experience. The addition of fully grown and ripe mangoes adds a dash of natural sugar to combine with the blast of coconut, delivering a tropical experience like no other. Even more exciting is that the flavour is TPD compliant and comes in 20mg nicotine concentration.

Yogurt Pineapple Coconut

A creation of AISU, the yoguruto flavous is a mash-up of the best the tropics have to offer with the creaminess and smoothness of yoghurt. The e-liquid has a sharp pineapple taste on the inhale that is quickly balanced by the smoothness of coconut before the cool ice kicks in to create a well-structured and layered vape.

Lemon Coconut Macaroon

The ability of coconut to blend with various flavours has given brewers the freedom to experiment and come up with exotic and unique flavours that are both captivating and surprising. This lemon coconut macaroon is one of them.

The blend of coconut and citrus fruits is surprisingly tasteful, bolstering the coconut tone on the inhale and finishing off with a cool and aromatic lemon tone on the exhale.

Coconut Mocha

The Daily Grind is best known for creating bold vape juice flavours, and this one combining a rich chocolate flavour and coconut is proof of how far some brands will go to find new and exciting flavours.

As you vape, the flavour of the rich chocolate is consistent throughout. Towards the end, it is tapered by the creamy tasting coconut milk giving way to the coffee flavour and finally a nutty layer.  

Coconut Latter by Mokasmo

Once again, one of those blends you never thought were possible. In this recreation of the coffee flavours meet the tropics, Mokasmo has done an excellent job merging the two flavours and creating a wonderful flavour with plenty of the coffee flavour throughout the inhale that seamlessly gives way to the creaminess and aroma of coconut.