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Candy Floss E-liquid

Candy Floss E-liquid

Candy floss has different names around the world. In the United States, it’s called cotton candy. No matter the name, candy floss was the highlight at every carnival. The sugary treat was every child’s dream. E-liquid brewers have re-created this timeless classic and packaged them into sumptuous vape liquid bottles that you can now find at LiteJoy.

Even better, our range of candy floss e-liquids has been blended with other impressive flavours to create a splash of flavours inside your mouth that guarantees a stunning experience for all vapers.

Diverse Range of Candy Floss E-Liquids

As one of the leading vaping brands in the UK, we have invested time in finding all the best candy floss e-liquids from the best vaping brands. Our candy floss flavoured vape liquids include flavours from reputable brands like:


Kingstone has one of the most impressive collections of candy floss flavoured vape liquids. Its collection includes:

  • Sweet candy floss – This 70/30 VG/PG blend is a delight to all slushy lovers. It combines the lusciously sweet, blue raspberries and a touch of menthol to deliver that icy taste on the exhale. The taste of this vape juice is well crafted and tastes like the real thing. The sweet candy floss from Kingston comes in a 100ml nicotine-free bottle.
  • Sweet candy floss (strawberry) – This sweet candy floss flavour incorporates the iconic strawberry milkshake flavour, vanilla ice cream, creamy milk and sharp strawberries. It’s the perfect flavour for vapers that love layered and diverse flavours.
  • Toffee – The toffee flavours is for sweet tooth vapers. The flavour is not only sweet but has the creamy and smooth touch of tasty toffee for a well-rounded sweet flavour that is not overwhelming.


Chuffed has invested heavily in coming up with realistic and accurate vape liquid flavours. Its range of candy floss flavours does an excellent job of showcasing this brand’s prowess in brewing the best-tasting vape juices.

  • Toffee – This flavour from Chuffed infuses the traditional candy floss flavour with sticky toffee creating an exhilarating treat for every vaper that gives this splendid vape juice a try.
  • Strawberry candy floss – Adding a twist of strawberries to the candy floss flavour dials back on the sweetness while adding succulence to the vape juice. This blend is a great all-day blend offering an exceptional vaping experience.
  • Blue raspberry candy floss – Chuffed takes a unique approach by blending candy floss and blue raspberry which was completely worth it. The unique combination of flavours complements each other toning down the overall sweetness and making this candy floss flavour an ideal blend for all vapers.

Cloud Candy

Cloud Candy’s blue floss flavour creates vivid memories of your time at the fairgrounds as a child. The touch of blue raspberry adds fun and excitement to the blend while honing in the sweetness of candy floss to create a well-balanced vape juice blend.

Supergood Butter

Supergood Butter has an amazing candy floss vapour that blends the best of three worlds. The blueberry candyfloss cookie cream flavour merges the sweets, fruity and dessert worlds to bring you all the joy you want in one bottle.

Quality Tested Vape Juices

The quality of e-liquids can make or break your experience. If you have had the unfortunate experience of vaping a low quality or stale vape liquid, the dry and burnt taste it leaves in your mouth can damage your vaping experience.

At LiteJoy, we have put measures in place to ensure you never have to limit your experience out of fear of running into a bad quality bottle. We randomly test every batch of vape liquids we receive and ensure they are fresh and the quality of ingredients used is to our standards.

With our rigorous quality checks, you can freely experiment with various vape liquids from the hundreds of brands in our collection. We guarantee the quality and freshness of our vape juices so vapers don’t have to limit themselves.