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Blackcurrant E-Liquid

Blackcurrant E-Liquid

Blackcurrant e-juice flavours can be simple, made from sweet, fresh blackcurrant berries with an excellent natural taste. The flavour can also be paired with other pastry flavours or traditional flavours to create a unique flavour profile that will leave your tastebuds wanting more.

LiteJoy offers you access to one of the most diverse blackcurrant flavour profiles, features full-bodied blackcurrant flavours as well as creative blends that will leave you surprised and yearning for more.

Diverse Range of Blackcurrant E-Liquid Flavours

Our vast selection of blackcurrant flavours features some of the popular brands in the market and some well-kept secrets that produce amazing flavours. We update our stock regularly, allowing vapers to try out new flavours as soon as they hit the market. Some of the blackcurrant flavours you can try out in our collection include:


Ramsey has created two distinct blackcurrant flavours that deliver a mouth-watering experience. Though worlds apart in terms of flavour profile, the flavours attract all vapers regardless of their preferences.

  • Wild blackcurrant – This is an exotic masterpiece that mixes sweet blackcurrants ice to create a tasty and chill flavour as you have never had before. The flavour profile is simple yet mind-blowing.
  • Blackcurrant and aniseed – This is a mixture of blackcurrants and aniseeds with a chilled ice touch at the end. It's a fantastic and carefully blended, and balanced vape.

Dinner Lady

As a reputable vape liquids brewer, Dinner Lady has created a name for itself by creating exciting and unexpected flavours that come together to create the perfect storm. Some of the blackcurrant flavours from Dinner Lady that you can try out include:

  • Blackcurrant Ice Nic Salt – Nic salt lovers, will love this exceptional creation by Dinner Lady featuring a berry fruit blend with an icy bite to cap things off. The sweet and dark flavour of blackcurrant berries is consistent throughout as you vape and is more pronounced on the exhale by the chilled ice. You can find this flavour in different nic salt concentrations and VG/PG ratios.
  • Fruits Blackcurrant – This outstanding blend mimics the taste of the classic blackcurrant fruits harvested straight from the forest. It hits all the right notes at the right time. The sweet and dark notes hit you on the inhale, and on the exhale, you get that refreshing juice taste. This flavour is also available in varying nic salt concentrations.

Slushie Sweets

Slushy lovers are well aware of the unique range of flavours that Slushie Sweets has brought to the market. If you haven’t had a chance to try out some of Slushie’s amazing vape juice flavours, you can try out their collection of blackcurrant varieties that promises to amaze you.

Blackcurrant gummy bears

This is one of the most creative blackcurrant vape juice blends on the market. On paper, the two flavours don’t appear compatible, but Slushie found a way of not only making them work but also making them exceptionally great tasting. This flavour comes in several nic salts concentrations to suit different types of vapers.

Our collection of blackcurrant flavours also includes other brands like IVG, AISU, Moreish, Chuffed and our very own LiteJoy.

Quality, Tested Vape Juices

The greatest benefit of shopping for your vape liquids from LiteJoy is that we guarantee the quality of our vape liquids. We understand that quality vape liquids are the basis of an excellent vaping experience for both new and experienced vapers.

For the ultimate vaping experience, we only buy vape liquids from reputable and reliable vape liquid brands. We also ensure that all the vape liquids we receive are randomly tested before making them available to our customers.

With our quality vape liquid guarantee, you can freely experiment with different flavours and new brands. You don't have to worry about suffering the dry, burnt taste curse of landing on a low-quality vape juice bottle.

What's more, because our products are fast-moving, you're always assured of finding the freshest vape liquids in our store.