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Aniseed E-Liquid

Aniseed E-Liquid

Aniseed is a plant from which aniseed and liquorice flavours get their inspiration. The bold and sweet flavours have remained popular for many years. In most cases, aniseed will also have some floral notes and a sugary aftertaste, making it an ideal ingredient to partner with candy and other sweet summer fruit.

The distinct flavour of aniseed means it makes an excellent flavour by itself. But that hasn’t stop mixologists from pairing it with other flavours like candy to create more diverse and sophisticated flavours. Some excellent options combine citrus fruits that you should look out for.

No matter the type of vape device you have, finding the right aniseed flavour from our collection at LiteJoy will be easy and quick. We also have varieties to suit different vapers, including nic salts and nic shots options.

Wide Range of Aniseed E-Liquid Flavours

LiteJoy has created a platform that caters to all your vape liquid needs. Select the perfect aniseed-flavoured e-liquid from our expansive collection for the ideal vaping experience.

Blackcurrant Aniseed – LiteJoy

LiteJoy commits to provide diverse and quality vape liquids to vapers, and the brand has never failed. This Blackcurrant aniseed flavour is a carefully blended vape liquid that offers a sweet and full flavour offering a rich, mouth-watering aroma that prepares you for the excellent flavours to expect when you start vaping. LiteJoy has gone further to infuse the vape liquid with nicotine to make it easier for nicotine lovers to get the best of both worlds.

21 Salts – Blackjack Aniseed Menthol

This UK-based brand manufactures a variety of candy-themed nic salts, and their blackjack aniseed menthol is among them. Most of their vape juice blend has equal PG and VG concentrations, making them ideal for beginner and intermediate vapers. The addition of nic salts ensures that nicotine lovers don't have to deal with the harsh throat feeling and allow you to enjoy the complete flavour profile of the aniseed and the cool menthol on the exhale.

Red Liquids – Black Aniseed

Red Liquids is another of Britain's finest that prides itself in producing top-of-the-line vape liquids packed with mouth-watering flavours. The black aniseed flavour is among the ones Red Liquid put its best foot forward to create.

It's a sumptuous flavour with a bold and broad palette. For vapers that are trying an aniseed flavour for their first time, this would make a nice way to usher yourself into a new and delectable flavour. It is also a 50/50 blend that balances flavour and vapour production. It's also nicotine-infused.

Doozy Vape Blackcurrant Aniseed

As an Award-winning mixologist with its fair share of years in the industry, Doozy Vape has already mastered the art of winning vape liquids. It has become among the most distinctive vape brands that specialise in high-quality e-liquids.

They have put some of their best work into making these aniseed flavours. The first one is the blackcurrant aniseed flavour that pairs the sweet taste of blackcurrants with the floral notes of aniseed creating well-balanced vape liquids that are easy to vape and recognise.  


Doozy Vape also has a heisenberry flavour that captures the taste of winter berries and delivers sweet notes. The flavour of the berries is countered by the punchy aniseed and tops everything with a cool menthol which leaves a cool and icy taste in your mouth on the exhale. The flavour comes in 10ml packaging. You can choose from several nicotine concentrations depending on your nicotine intake preference.

Minty Cassis by Puff Dragon

Puff Dragon is a U.S-based company that manufactures its vape liquids in the UK. It is a fan-favourite among new users and MTL vapers because of the unique collection of its vape liquids which feature a classic fruit, candy, cereal, pastry, and menthol blend, mainly comprising of a 50% VG blend.

Within the superb collection of flavours, you will find the Minty Cassis flavour that delivers a sweet and smooth flavour due to blending mint and a hint of aniseed.