Stardust Ego t Rechargeable Starter Kit - Purple




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The Stardust Ego-t rechargeable e cigarette kit is perfect if you're looking for an electronic cigarette that provides more vapour and has a better battery life than a traditional 'cigarette-a-like' electronic cigarette. The Stardust Ego-t Kit is perfect for use with Litejoy eliquids which are available with or without nicotine.

The Stardust Ego-t Kit contains:

- 1 x 650mAh metallic purple Stardust battery featuring a 5 click safety lock to protect against accidental activation (Battery length 7.5cm)
- 1 x pinky purple clearomiser eliquid tank (clearomiser length 7cm) with measurement display and 1.5ml capacity
- 1 x sealed Stardust ego-t USB charger

The clearomiser is easy to fill, simply unscrew the silver patterned section at the base of the tank and drip eliquid into the side of the chamber (avoiding the hole in the centre). To reuse, pour out any remaining eliquid and wash the clearomiser and coil wicks/base section with clean water.

Requires e liquid which is available separately in different flavours & bottle sizes. Not compatible with cartomisers. Charging time 2 - 3 hours, battery life approximately 300 charges, fully charged battery provides approximately 800 puffs.

For more information about the Stardust Ego t E Cigarette, visit the How it works page.

What else do I need: To use the Purple Stardust ego-telectronic cigarette, you will need to buy eliquid. If you don't have access to a computer you will also need to buy a usb to wall charger. You will also need to change the bottom loading coil units around once a month.